Tuesday, December 22

X'mas Present

Dear DH,

Baby wants this for Xmas.....

And I want this.....

Matilah botak kepala laki aku... Hehehe... Ouh!! In return I will give you Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment.. I love u so strong *hiks*

edited ****

seems that this Chanel Flap is quite small with measurement 9 x 5 x 3 (in inch).. More like a clutch instead of handbag *pose letak pantyliner/pad dlm bag harga ribu2* So if I want Chanel Quilted I have to go with Jumbo (mampus la seme barang boleh humban dalam henbeg) --> tamo tamo... or 2.55 --> I like~

put on hold first --> mana tau Sultan Brunei proposed I jadi bini no 3 *hiks*.. Baby Bjorn Carrier boleh proceed eh? Apa kata financier kita? Btw, I just want u back to Malaysia for Xmas.. ececece *kalau Paeh baca sure dia muntah*

P/s - I dun mind a Burberry or Juicy Couture tho.. I love u so strong *hiks*

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