Monday, December 7


In random order...

1. I wont post my preggie picx (at least for now) coz my tummy is shy shy untuk maju kehadapan.. I looked more like boroi instead of boncet.. To Zal & Eefei, nanti dah ada kemajuan yang memberangsangkan, I'll post ok.. I took a picx few weeks back, and show it to few people and their remark are the same "the picx is quite disturbing as ur butt is more prominent compared to your tummy" - nasib baik tuan punya blog mmg sedar diri buntut nyer besar lalu tidak sentap dgn statement itu

2. Jes, I know u r facing the same depress state as me (perut tidak maju kedepan & org2 sebuk tanya naper perut x besar?) but trust me we are going to be like beach whale or ikan buntal!! Today I met a new mum at the clinic - just delivered baby 32 days ago and she show me her picx during her 5th n 6th month preggie - almost non existance tummy and then she show her picx during 9th month.. she's huge! eh, she's not huge just her belly is huge.. so, be prepared! *takut*

3. Just a matter of 2 days more dear, sila jangan overstalk - new year, new boyfren *cheers*

4. To date 23 ++ weeks pregnant, I gained total of 4kgs... Yet I was warned because naik berat mendadak - 2.1kgs in 4 weeks time.. Mendadak ke tuh? I tot it was normal?? :( *sigh*

5. Baby is doing fine and very active, he even kicked the nurse when the nurse is checking my tummy.. the nurse laugh n said "eh, kita tekan sket.. terus kene tendang balik"

6. Mummy is doing fine jugak , bp ok, no edema, urine test ok, blood test ok, no diabetes (glucose tolerance test is not that bad, swallowing very sweet liquid is not that torturing, but i hate it coz i need to fast the night before)

7. Currently Mummy not ok coz i had an ATT jab during my check up today.. aiyor lenguh tangannnnnnn.. rasa keras jer tempat kene cucuk tuh (or maybe feeling jer kot).. marilah tdo awal ari nih!! Hopefully tak demam.. I rcvd ATT jab before, few years back I think.. Tak demam pun tapi masa pregnant nih slalu sangat saket + paranoid mode.. come to think of it, saiko jer lebeh kot.. hehehe

8. Skarang musim tengkujuh so rumah blakang nih in the middle of construction and byk baldi2 kosong tempat pembiakan nyamuk.. Benci!! Siang hari pun ada banyak nyamuk!!

9. POSH is one lazy cat or shud I say smart? Since there are lotsa of mosquito she refused to go out from the house.. She even refused to sleep at her usual place, she wanted to sleep in the room.. Bilik dah sembur ridsect so tader nyamuk :P

10. Congratulations to Atie on her engagement!! Sila update gambar bila free :)

11. Will update more, if rajin *pose aisyah*


  1. Semenjak dua menjak si Atie hangat bercinta nih sangat la dia malas nak update blog. Nanti bleh la kita pi majlis dia sesama.

    BTW Ita.. I'am sorry I couldn't make it masa you datang Klang hari tu. Masa tu sibuk sangat. Hope to see you in another one fine day okeh.

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  3. oh me too 5 6 months pun takde rupe pregnant. actually i never took photos of my belly progress when i was pregnant. rugi betul. maybe next time i'd do that if #2 comes my way. hehe.
    but i do remember at 5-6 months orang lelaki yg naik ktm DID NOT even offer me a seat so i had to stand for half hour in the train. sungguh keji ok. it's either they're blind or just stupidly ignorant. bahhhh

  4. dal >> bg can la kat atie yg sedang hangat bercinta.. anyway, we can always meet up sum other time.. no worries

    lily >> maybe they r not blind or ignorant, maybe mmg derang x tahu that u r pregnant.. my mum told her frens about me, the other day i klua jln2 ngan my mum.. derang siap tanya "eh, bila bersalin??" then my mum ckp "tuh tgh mengandung la tuh" then u know the drill.. *x nampak pun**kecik nyer perut* ++ my tummy being harrased by strangers

  5. aku dh x risau la psl perut aku..dier nk buncit, dier buncit la..dier tanak buncit sudah..hhehe.. as long as aku n baby healthy..and motif ttp nk takut bile perut besar? x besar pun isu, besar pun isu ke? haha.

    about ur weight, derang xtau history kau la, and kau pun x bitau kn? so pduli kn mereka. kalau dier chk aku yg dh naik 8 kg ni harus la dier suh aku puasa sebln kot? :p

  6. aku tader la risau sgt pasal perut.. aku punya risau byk psl mende lain.. ko tau la kan?? ahahha.. tp skang pun rasa mcm perut ketat, bukan ketat dgn muscle yer :P

  7. aku nak terasa dgn point no. 3 tu tak perlu terasa? lalalala~