Wednesday, December 9

Shocking Pink!

The last time I saw a couple wedding picx wearing shocking pink songket, I badmouthing them - kutuk baeeeek punya.. end up not more than an hour later I met with an accident & a friend of mine passed away there n then. She dont even have time to "mintak maaf" at the person kitorang kutuk tuh... 26th Dec 2003, yup almost 6 years back..

Today, I saw another couple wearing shocking pink songket.. What did I do? I shut my mouth! And don't even dare to look at the rest of the pictures. Ya Allah, please protect me & our baby..

gambar sekadar hiasan *tutup mulut*


  1. waa ita, you pernah terlibat ngan kemalangan maut?.. traumatisednya..

    i doakan u and baby always selamat

    i tak sempat nak komen last entry.. :).. but sronot baca bout the baby kicking around esp the nurse, hehe

  2. agak traumatised la, kancil dgn lori.. huhu.. but there are sweet things derive from the accident tau.. hubby (that time just a fling not even a bf) terrified that he might lost me forever and our love story continue from there :)

  3. ayooor grammar i tunggang langgang.. dah post br prasan.. taperla, abaikan.. kalau i tere englih, i jd lecturer english! :P