Thursday, December 31

Hello 2010

Wishing all Happy New Year & Enjoiceeeeeeeee (Dato' Siti, pinjam)

new year resolution will be the same as previous year and also the same as my birthday wish every year.. Eh wait, my resolution will always be "Nak jadi lebih cantik" while my birthday wish will always be "Semoga aku makin cantik!!!" Hahahah, sungguh shallow.. but resolution & wish is different, aite?

I set my resolution in such a way? So it will not be that depressing to achieve it.. Coz anyway, I still will be the same in terms of tahap kecantikan unless I opt for Plastic Surgery, Botox, Liposuction serta yang sewaktu dengannya!

I never had a real resolution.. I dun care what people said, just live my life the fullest.. or maybe this year I hope I can be a good mum? Wait, I need to be a better person after this coz somebody, our little munchkin will depends on me! Wah!! Mampu ke aku? Panik! Panik!

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