Sunday, December 27

Anak Sulung

It seems that the baby in my tummy is not our first child. We adopted this "anak berbulu" at SPCA on April 2008 so basically POSH is our first child. We bought a plush cushion + cosy rattan basket for her at Ikea previously but she doesn't like it. But she loves sleeping in the babycot that supposed to be for hypothetically our 2nd baby.

Nasib baik mattress ni ada sarung, when the time comes (or near) I will make sure to basuh sarung mattress tuh & the bedsheet set as well.. for a time being, bagi can la to POSH enjoying being the one n only child.

from Ana (my 2nd sis) - "Hishhhh, berbulu tengok POSH tuh.. dah la memang banyak bulu"


  1. chomey! i heart your cat. hehehehe.
    my cat kat rumah dah immune with my dot. isn't he the bestest?

  2. I pon dah ada anak sulung dah hehe

  3. lily >> eh, i tot dayana yg patut immune dgn ur cat, ni terbalik plak

    zal >> anak 2nd dah ada belum.. baik beritahu sebelum aku wat speku meluas :P

  4. wow. cadar burberry ke tuh? haha. kau dh beli baby cot eh. aku x start beli brg lagi. haih. tgu apa xtau. *pose beli brg lps bersalin*