Saturday, December 5

Anak Pakcik Aziz =P~

Note: This post have nothing to do with anak Pakcik Abu or anak Pak Mat *hi Sasa*

*drool* =P~

I am talking bout this Singaporean actor, Aaron Aziz (kalau x kenal, sila google.. kalau google image siap ada gambar jadi underwear model *hiks**matilah*). Bottom line, I like him.. Not sure about his acting capability as I may be too distracted looking at him.. Acted few movies which I never seen before, not that I don't do Malay movies *hi seseorang* but since I'm back I only managed to watch a movie which is Cloudy with a chance of Meatball. As for this hunk *drool*, I spotted him quite a lot in Malay dramas.. Channel hopping at astro n few time I saw his drama solely because of him provided that the leading actress is cun or at least acceptable. Ouh, ouh, and in Loreal Menexpert advertisement jugak!!! So it is quite easy to spot him :)

Kalau masa dia ada misai.. geez, terus I tader selera.. bukan la misai dia mcm misai penyapu Datuk K, tp still not my taste la..but then dia pedulik ke I ske ke x? ngeh ngeh ngeh.. Btw, currently he is staying here at Malaysia instead of Singapore.. most probably to pursue his acting career coz he got better chances here compared to his own country.. muahaha *racist*. He's married *sob sob* with two kids *sob sob*... So tader chance dah la :( motif??

P/s - Ilot, sejak bila private blog nih? Hilang salah satu reading material I, sila invite saya sekian terima kasih.. *jasamu dikenang*


  1. dia berlakon cite pisau cukur jugak *berair*
    *hi anak pakcik mat nor*

  2. hahaha, sgt suka nampaknyaaaa.. :), gegegege

  3. sasa >> adakah becak di wayang.. motif?
    dalia >> i ske dia, dia ske ke i? hehehe

  4. masa dalam drama emil emilda aaron hensem melampau

  5. dal punya pengetahuan malay drama amat menkagumkan despite dat u just came back from UK!