Sunday, December 20

5 Progresif

Last few days I saw a picture in FB - class photo of bebudak 5 Progresif, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Assunta Convent. Few faces were familiar maybe because of their distinctive features or outstanding academic result or famous due to her singing talent. But what bother me now are as per below... I think I really do have really bad memory or just plain ignorance or I just remember things I wanted to - ie selective memory
  1. I know it's my class photo, and I'm sure I was there but I cant decide which one is ME - maybe the picx is blur (denial sangat kan?)
  2. Today one of my classmate (which I dun remember her either but she add me as friend in FB so I just click approved) tag me in that picture - how come I cant even remember myself but she can? Buek malu ajo..
  3. I even can't recall who is my class teacher & her name - maybe bcoz I never appreciate teacher as nobel profession, for me they still received their salary.. yer saya memang keji
  4. Last but not least, I have no idea when the picture was taken - I only knew it was during standard 5 after reading the comment from others

Ok, so this is the picx... Saya adalah budak bertudung yang duduk betul2 depan cikgu. Alim aku nih masa kecik, muahahahha... Ok sebenarnya I was forced to wear tudung coz nobody (read: my 2nd sis) have time to plaid my long hair before I go to school in the morning + I woke very late every morning.. So solution nyer = pakai tudung

Muka kudut saya semasa darjah 5.. hehehe :D


  1. hahahahaaaa, solution yg bizarre.. tak sempat plaid rambut=pakai tudung, hihiii

    by the way, teaching is an interesting profession le, but i missed the boat oredi,

  2. waa, bercahaya muka u ols

  3. dalia >> i'm not suitable jd cikgu sbb saya cepat berang.. nanti seme budak skulah tanak dtg skulah sbb cikgu garang

    zal >> awas!! my classmate yg scan picx nih.. x tau la naper muka i bercahaya.. chihihi :P