Thursday, December 31

Hello 2010

Wishing all Happy New Year & Enjoiceeeeeeeee (Dato' Siti, pinjam)

new year resolution will be the same as previous year and also the same as my birthday wish every year.. Eh wait, my resolution will always be "Nak jadi lebih cantik" while my birthday wish will always be "Semoga aku makin cantik!!!" Hahahah, sungguh shallow.. but resolution & wish is different, aite?

I set my resolution in such a way? So it will not be that depressing to achieve it.. Coz anyway, I still will be the same in terms of tahap kecantikan unless I opt for Plastic Surgery, Botox, Liposuction serta yang sewaktu dengannya!

I never had a real resolution.. I dun care what people said, just live my life the fullest.. or maybe this year I hope I can be a good mum? Wait, I need to be a better person after this coz somebody, our little munchkin will depends on me! Wah!! Mampu ke aku? Panik! Panik!

Tuesday, December 29

Available Items

All of these items are available at my sales blog. Please do visit my sales blog for more information on each and every item... Thanks & Happy browsing :)

Sunday, December 27

Anak Sulung

It seems that the baby in my tummy is not our first child. We adopted this "anak berbulu" at SPCA on April 2008 so basically POSH is our first child. We bought a plush cushion + cosy rattan basket for her at Ikea previously but she doesn't like it. But she loves sleeping in the babycot that supposed to be for hypothetically our 2nd baby.

Nasib baik mattress ni ada sarung, when the time comes (or near) I will make sure to basuh sarung mattress tuh & the bedsheet set as well.. for a time being, bagi can la to POSH enjoying being the one n only child.

from Ana (my 2nd sis) - "Hishhhh, berbulu tengok POSH tuh.. dah la memang banyak bulu"

Tuesday, December 22

X'mas Present

Dear DH,

Baby wants this for Xmas.....

And I want this.....

Matilah botak kepala laki aku... Hehehe... Ouh!! In return I will give you Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment.. I love u so strong *hiks*

edited ****

seems that this Chanel Flap is quite small with measurement 9 x 5 x 3 (in inch).. More like a clutch instead of handbag *pose letak pantyliner/pad dlm bag harga ribu2* So if I want Chanel Quilted I have to go with Jumbo (mampus la seme barang boleh humban dalam henbeg) --> tamo tamo... or 2.55 --> I like~

put on hold first --> mana tau Sultan Brunei proposed I jadi bini no 3 *hiks*.. Baby Bjorn Carrier boleh proceed eh? Apa kata financier kita? Btw, I just want u back to Malaysia for Xmas.. ececece *kalau Paeh baca sure dia muntah*

P/s - I dun mind a Burberry or Juicy Couture tho.. I love u so strong *hiks*

Sunday, December 20

5 Progresif

Last few days I saw a picture in FB - class photo of bebudak 5 Progresif, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Assunta Convent. Few faces were familiar maybe because of their distinctive features or outstanding academic result or famous due to her singing talent. But what bother me now are as per below... I think I really do have really bad memory or just plain ignorance or I just remember things I wanted to - ie selective memory
  1. I know it's my class photo, and I'm sure I was there but I cant decide which one is ME - maybe the picx is blur (denial sangat kan?)
  2. Today one of my classmate (which I dun remember her either but she add me as friend in FB so I just click approved) tag me in that picture - how come I cant even remember myself but she can? Buek malu ajo..
  3. I even can't recall who is my class teacher & her name - maybe bcoz I never appreciate teacher as nobel profession, for me they still received their salary.. yer saya memang keji
  4. Last but not least, I have no idea when the picture was taken - I only knew it was during standard 5 after reading the comment from others

Ok, so this is the picx... Saya adalah budak bertudung yang duduk betul2 depan cikgu. Alim aku nih masa kecik, muahahahha... Ok sebenarnya I was forced to wear tudung coz nobody (read: my 2nd sis) have time to plaid my long hair before I go to school in the morning + I woke very late every morning.. So solution nyer = pakai tudung

Muka kudut saya semasa darjah 5.. hehehe :D

Saturday, December 19

Mandom Kuantan

I just came back from Kuantan, reminiscing old memories (ok, i lied) but it's good to be back to the town where u grew up, schooling, spending ur teen years.. Be back to my old room (ok, i lied again) - it seems my old room dah transform jadi one big closet, banyak betul baju orang tuh!! Luckily we do have extra rooms to sleep in..

is musim tengkujuh, so I don't expect much as I am very aware of Kuantan wheather - heavily pouring angry rain + angry lightning & angry thunder. Woke up few times during sleep sebab terkejut bunyi guruh yang sangat kuat! Nevertheless, it's the place I grew up and I'm kida miss it - I remembered at one time I haven't seen the sun for almost a week as the weather sangatlah mandom.. Baju kene pakai banyak kali sebab kalau basuh slalu nanti kain pun x kering, after all cuaca sejuk badan pun x berpeluh.. hehehe

from that, it is good to chill @ berkulat at home (ok, i lied again) - Sessi berkulat is a huge success as all of us is down with flu, sorethroat, cough and for me extra pain at my butt or pinggang + leg cramps.. To make it worst everytime I cough, my pinggang hurts like shyt, I'm gonna stop complaining bout the side effects of pregnancy *full stop*

However, we managed to restock lotsa of seafood.. altho musim tengkujuh - Kuantan will always have fresh seafood supply & it's cheap (compared to KL), for fresh big Tenggiri u can get 13 bux for a kg.. murah la kan. Let alone, bawal, udang XXL, kembung..etc. Since we bought it direct from LKIM port, they dont do servis membersih & menyiang ikan.. End up, the tenggiri menjalar dlm bonet kereta - as what my mother said "Ikan tenggiri tuh besar mcm Ita" then Ana replied "eh melampau la tuh, besar macam paha Ita je"

I still dun understand why they compare myself with the tenggiri.. At the same place ada jual other stuff also more like pasar borong.. And Mama bought a big lengkong (cincau) which she compare with my body part as well - "Lengkong tuh besar macam paha Ita" which my sis have to agree! Apa la masalah derang nih, their paha is almost the same size like mine - tapi paha aku jugak yang dijadikan comparison..

menyiang ikan giat dijalankan, I don't do it (they forbid me to do it - some superstitious eh? pompuan ngandung takleh siang ikan). Still saya turun padang by dehead the prawns and Ayong said to my mum "Aah, Ita memang tere kupas udang - ada one season amazing race road block dia kene dehead udang.. kalau Ita masuk sure menang league tu"

DH shud noe this as I always prefer buying udang yg fresh instead udang yg dah bogel - exception during my nausea time last puasa which he volunteerly bought udang bogel coz he said I'm too weak to go to fresh market let alone kupas udang with all the puking, headache & bleeding. Altho I'm not satisfied with the udang bogel condition but I have to say I'm thankful of his gesture thinking bout my condition yang asek x larat jer :P

up at Kuantan makes me very picky on seafood.. Kalau ikan kat pasar TTDI tuh lembik memang sorie la aku nak beli, mata merah pun kene reject.. Udang pun kene keras, kalau udang lembik sket badan dia meaning dah kene simpan few days la tuh.. And I dont eat fresh water fish, altho kampung saya di Temerluh/Mentakab which is famous with Ikan Patin!

Dah banyak merapu nih, better stop now.. Thought ingin bercinta secara cyber with DH, but I guess my body is not fit to stay late today with all the sneezing & coughing (so far tak demam lagi, tapi agak takut jugak).. Going to sleep now, Good Nite Malaysia & Good Morning Texas!

Wednesday, December 9

Shocking Pink!

The last time I saw a couple wedding picx wearing shocking pink songket, I badmouthing them - kutuk baeeeek punya.. end up not more than an hour later I met with an accident & a friend of mine passed away there n then. She dont even have time to "mintak maaf" at the person kitorang kutuk tuh... 26th Dec 2003, yup almost 6 years back..

Today, I saw another couple wearing shocking pink songket.. What did I do? I shut my mouth! And don't even dare to look at the rest of the pictures. Ya Allah, please protect me & our baby..

gambar sekadar hiasan *tutup mulut*

Monday, December 7


In random order...

1. I wont post my preggie picx (at least for now) coz my tummy is shy shy untuk maju kehadapan.. I looked more like boroi instead of boncet.. To Zal & Eefei, nanti dah ada kemajuan yang memberangsangkan, I'll post ok.. I took a picx few weeks back, and show it to few people and their remark are the same "the picx is quite disturbing as ur butt is more prominent compared to your tummy" - nasib baik tuan punya blog mmg sedar diri buntut nyer besar lalu tidak sentap dgn statement itu

2. Jes, I know u r facing the same depress state as me (perut tidak maju kedepan & org2 sebuk tanya naper perut x besar?) but trust me we are going to be like beach whale or ikan buntal!! Today I met a new mum at the clinic - just delivered baby 32 days ago and she show me her picx during her 5th n 6th month preggie - almost non existance tummy and then she show her picx during 9th month.. she's huge! eh, she's not huge just her belly is huge.. so, be prepared! *takut*

3. Just a matter of 2 days more dear, sila jangan overstalk - new year, new boyfren *cheers*

4. To date 23 ++ weeks pregnant, I gained total of 4kgs... Yet I was warned because naik berat mendadak - 2.1kgs in 4 weeks time.. Mendadak ke tuh? I tot it was normal?? :( *sigh*

5. Baby is doing fine and very active, he even kicked the nurse when the nurse is checking my tummy.. the nurse laugh n said "eh, kita tekan sket.. terus kene tendang balik"

6. Mummy is doing fine jugak , bp ok, no edema, urine test ok, blood test ok, no diabetes (glucose tolerance test is not that bad, swallowing very sweet liquid is not that torturing, but i hate it coz i need to fast the night before)

7. Currently Mummy not ok coz i had an ATT jab during my check up today.. aiyor lenguh tangannnnnnn.. rasa keras jer tempat kene cucuk tuh (or maybe feeling jer kot).. marilah tdo awal ari nih!! Hopefully tak demam.. I rcvd ATT jab before, few years back I think.. Tak demam pun tapi masa pregnant nih slalu sangat saket + paranoid mode.. come to think of it, saiko jer lebeh kot.. hehehe

8. Skarang musim tengkujuh so rumah blakang nih in the middle of construction and byk baldi2 kosong tempat pembiakan nyamuk.. Benci!! Siang hari pun ada banyak nyamuk!!

9. POSH is one lazy cat or shud I say smart? Since there are lotsa of mosquito she refused to go out from the house.. She even refused to sleep at her usual place, she wanted to sleep in the room.. Bilik dah sembur ridsect so tader nyamuk :P

10. Congratulations to Atie on her engagement!! Sila update gambar bila free :)

11. Will update more, if rajin *pose aisyah*

Saturday, December 5

Anak Pakcik Aziz =P~

Note: This post have nothing to do with anak Pakcik Abu or anak Pak Mat *hi Sasa*

*drool* =P~

I am talking bout this Singaporean actor, Aaron Aziz (kalau x kenal, sila google.. kalau google image siap ada gambar jadi underwear model *hiks**matilah*). Bottom line, I like him.. Not sure about his acting capability as I may be too distracted looking at him.. Acted few movies which I never seen before, not that I don't do Malay movies *hi seseorang* but since I'm back I only managed to watch a movie which is Cloudy with a chance of Meatball. As for this hunk *drool*, I spotted him quite a lot in Malay dramas.. Channel hopping at astro n few time I saw his drama solely because of him provided that the leading actress is cun or at least acceptable. Ouh, ouh, and in Loreal Menexpert advertisement jugak!!! So it is quite easy to spot him :)

Kalau masa dia ada misai.. geez, terus I tader selera.. bukan la misai dia mcm misai penyapu Datuk K, tp still not my taste la..but then dia pedulik ke I ske ke x? ngeh ngeh ngeh.. Btw, currently he is staying here at Malaysia instead of Singapore.. most probably to pursue his acting career coz he got better chances here compared to his own country.. muahaha *racist*. He's married *sob sob* with two kids *sob sob*... So tader chance dah la :( motif??

P/s - Ilot, sejak bila private blog nih? Hilang salah satu reading material I, sila invite saya sekian terima kasih.. *jasamu dikenang*