Sunday, November 29

Omg! Omg!

I felt his first kick last night!!! Maybe he's been kicking for a while only that his mummy didn't notice? maybe, who knows... I discover it by accident actually, the time was +- 12.30 am, was lying on my back trying to sleep n my right palm is on my tummy.. suddenly i felt a big "dush"

Confused for a while (paranoid eh?) and then my heart screaming inside OMG! OMG! OMG! He's kicking, and he repeatedly do it for few times - maybe like 4 to 5 times.. Then haruslah tak dapat tdo sebab too excited :D

All this while (read: starting few weeks back) I can feel his movement inside me, u know the drill *senget benget perut* sumtimes keras at my left tummy (most of the time), sumtimes in the middle and sumtimes at my right tummy but this time it is definitely a KICK! yeay~

P/s - To Sayang, sorry u missed the moment.. balik cepat2 k kalau nak rasa :P


  1. yes indeed - saat2 gini lah yg paling akan dirindui bila baby dah kuar nanti. tp time tu kita pun extra bz nak explore baby pulak kan. tahniah girl!!! happy for u...

  2. nak rasa apa uols? hahaha.. matila pickup on last sentence je.. :P

  3. :), waa, sure hepi gila tak terhingga..

  4. jes >> sejak bila jd anon ni
    mk >> takut la pk bila dah ada baby nanti, sbb saya nih sangatlah x penyabar.. takut penyek baby tuh ita picit
    ash >> awas! x releven ok..
    dalia >> wah beraya sakan, blog cuti seminggu! we want some update! *strike*

  5. itak bile nak letak gambar perut preggie :D

  6. hi... it is great. :) How many kicks? Where are you now?