Tuesday, November 10

Ngantuknyerrrrr *yawn*

Ayooo... ngantuknyerrrr, penangan ubat batuk n ubat selesema.. I'm a bit pissed actually, I'm free from runny nose, sorethroat, cough just a few weeks ago n now I got all of the combination back :(

I wonder, pregnant lady tends to get sick more frequent compared to normal person OR my antibody just low?


  1. itaaa,, i miss u, hehe..

    kalau preggie mmg macam2 hal, frm my experience la,

    i got all the weird rashes all over my blakang and tangan..

    but sabarlah..

    (actually never had a breeze pregnancy, always rasa uncomfortable, hehe..from the panas badan, kaki bengkak, muka sembab, gassy stomach)

  2. for a time being tader komplen on rashes, panas, kaki bengkak, sembab etc etc.. just asek2 selesema la.. tp tanak komplen beriya, nanti org ckp x thankful/whiny plak