Tuesday, November 3

Kopi Janda

Ayooo... Last few years I came accross with Kopi Jantan where Pejat tried it and soon he was like 'grrrrrrrrrrrr' which make us all of the girls quite scared of him for a while. And today I came accross with Kopi Janda, not the real coffee tho just the advertisement on TV. To my horror the tag line was mention in a very creepy way. Just imagine hearing sort off gatal voice saying this - bukan nak menggoda, cuma nak meniagaaaa~

I mean, kamonnnnnnnnnnnn.. what was the marketing people thinking? Don't u have any other decent idea for branding your coffee? No offense to all those janda out there, I'm at your side.. I know not all of them gatal type, and they became janda for various reasons.. example beaten by their own husband?? In this advert, the marketing people trying to potray all janda gatal by using a gatal voice? Haih.. I can only think the marketing people is not creative at all, u better find another suitable job instead of marketing!


  1. memang menyampah... rasa macam nak lempang jer

  2. agak banyak iklan bodo kat tv tuh.. yg paling takley blah tu iklan p1 w1max 'potong' tuh.. mcm cheap giler.. siap masuk parlimen lagik tuh.. tp siarkan jugak.. hmmm