Friday, November 27

Aidiladha di IKEA/IKANO

First of all, I wud like to wish all of you selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, hopefully it's not too late. What do u lovely ladies had for raya? I had plenty of Satay & Nasi Impit today.. my main concern is the KUAH KACANG not the amount of food i ate, after all I'm eating for two *wink wink* good reason, no? After eating groundnuts, I will develop severe acne.. meletup2 kat dahi.. So, in few days time I will prohibit myself from socializing because malu dengan jerawat2 tersebut.. heheheh

Okay back to my Aidiladha celebration (celeb8 ke kaedahnya?). This is the second time I celebrated Aidiladha in KL. The first one was back in 2001 where we ate raya food as breakfast, received kunjungan tetamu yg x seberapa then off to One Utama. No different than this year, only the venue is different which is Ikea/Ikano.

By 10.30 am we arrived there, parking is easy as it is still early. Jalan jalan, window shopping yada yada... What I want to hilite here is I tot we were the only one who had no raya spirit, but I was totally wrong when I saw lotsa Malay walking around the shopping complex and by noon dah pack gila n ramai orang + chinese + indian + serani + mat salleh.. like normal public holiday

To conclude berayalah di kampung.. ada feel sket tengok lembu kene tambat (provide that lembu x lemas sbb banjir), tengok lembu kene korban, ziarah sanak saudara.. Ouh, kat Ikano we were greeted by Santa Caluse & Santarina.. terasa sangat, patut ziarah sanak saudara.. tapi duk ziarah Santa Claus pulak.

P/s - aidiladha falls the same day as Black Friday.. hohohoho

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