Tuesday, October 13

Muka Terencat

Wow, it's been a while since my last update.. Basically I'm still here just plain lazy and hoping somebody else update their blog for my own reading pleasure.. Raya mood? Still there hence berdozen open house invitation, not to mention wedding invitation!! can't make it to all.. hantar wakil only, DH la of course..

The reason being, I'm down with fever n cold n saket mata.. Don't want to spread the viruses, so I decided to berkulat at home.. Alhamdulilah the fever n saket mata is gone, only selesema yang masih menghantui.. degil betul virus selesema tuh, or maybe my body x familiar dengan wheather Malaysia? ahhahaa *sila muntah skarang*

Just wanna share picx of my beloved koceng gendut aka POSH taken during raya by DH, makin gemok, makin gendut.. Rendu bangat sama dia, she still recognized me as the first time she saw me, she started meowing n never stop, wait let me rephrase.. She gave me a very long meow with only one breath.. Can u imagine received a bebelan by a cat??

My mum laughing histerically when Posh gimme some good bebelan, and then she said.. "Posh x bebel pun bila Ayong or Ana balik, kat Mama pun dia x bebel, kat awak jer dia bebel.. Konfem dia kenal awak lagi" So, I guess after a year she still remembers me..

nih muka terencat



  1. the kucing is sooo adorable la..

    kannn..weather kat Malaysia memang memualkan hehhe .. ayat2 org dok oversea yg lupa diri.

  2. nyampohnya la baca, hahahaha, to ita and my sis..

    kucing itu sgt gendot and lepek, gerem

  3. aiyo, still tak sihat lagi ke?
    get well soon ok...
    btw, ur cat is utterly gemuks and totally adorable =D

  4. dal >> gedik jer lebih, claim weather msia memualkan.. padahal ok jer
    dalia >> jgn la nyampoh.. main2 jer tuh
    lily >> aah, ari tuh masa u jumpa i.. i still demam.. now demam dah ok tp selesema x ilang2 lg *busan*

  5. my friend balik mesia for hari raya pung knea sakit mata.. may be masa tuh terkena musim sakit mata. :D

  6. are-t pun saket mata dlm blog dia... hahaha, mmg musim la kot

  7. comel sgt and memang nampak perut tu lebar ok.
    nway welcome back!hahah see sebab lama menyepi tak blogging.

  8. sampai2 mesia, bz carik baju raya, then bz beraya, then bz open house.. nih baru ada time nak start kembali :P

  9. yes she is, meowing occasionally to response.. hehe :)