Thursday, October 22

Elyana @ Nana

Did I tell you guys that my character in real life (as myself of course) memorialized in a book? Bangga okeh!! Korang ada ke orang tulis pasal diri kau then letak dalam buku, dicetak beribu2 naskah & dipasarkan di senatero dunia? Nan-ado katanya..

writer changed my name as Elyana/Nana, to protect my real name - it's ok.. Basically it is not a memorial about my life (banyak cantik?).. I happened to make an impact in his life hence he had to write sumthing bout me.

first edition published on August 2009 when I was still in US, asked Sasa to bought me one copy sbb kalau beli kat Amazon mahal ok *pose kedekut* compared to beli kat Popular or Kinokuniya or MPH. I heard the second edition is out too. Congratulations to the writer, I am so proud of u..u know who u r :D

- Did I wear a knee-high boots that nite? No I dont think so, I wore a white pumps 3-4 inches maybe? Ermmmm, the writer is trying to make my character more kinky kah?

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