Thursday, October 22

Elyana @ Nana

Did I tell you guys that my character in real life (as myself of course) memorialized in a book? Bangga okeh!! Korang ada ke orang tulis pasal diri kau then letak dalam buku, dicetak beribu2 naskah & dipasarkan di senatero dunia? Nan-ado katanya..

writer changed my name as Elyana/Nana, to protect my real name - it's ok.. Basically it is not a memorial about my life (banyak cantik?).. I happened to make an impact in his life hence he had to write sumthing bout me.

first edition published on August 2009 when I was still in US, asked Sasa to bought me one copy sbb kalau beli kat Amazon mahal ok *pose kedekut* compared to beli kat Popular or Kinokuniya or MPH. I heard the second edition is out too. Congratulations to the writer, I am so proud of u..u know who u r :D

- Did I wear a knee-high boots that nite? No I dont think so, I wore a white pumps 3-4 inches maybe? Ermmmm, the writer is trying to make my character more kinky kah?

Tuesday, October 20

New Ticker

For the past few days, I realized that my bettLe ticker went kaput.. In other words, it is no longer counting. This YM conversation happened between Me n Jes petang tadi

Me: Aku rasa ticker aku nyer rship dgn dol rusak la
Me: Adakah hint utk tukar ticker baru
Me: Heheheheh
Jes: Kan aku dah suh awal2
Jes: Where the ticker comes from, dah kiamat kot
Jes: Masa dah berenti
Jes: So sampe bila2 pun sama jer
Me: Tuh la, dah 2-3 ari aku tengok x gerak2
Me: Nanti aku rajin aku tukar la
Jes: Skang x rajin ke?
Me: Tak *pose aisyah*

Jes told me long time ago to change the relationship ticker to baby ticker, well at that time I'm not ready to announce that I'm expecting.. Yes, u read it correctly, I am pregnant! And I know Jes is very keen for me to change it because she have her own agenda and some sort off benefit from it too.. Whateva la beb, skarang sila jangan harras saya.. the ticker is there already!

Okies, no more *pose aisyah* from me.. Dah lama I menabur janji2 manis, finally I menepati janji walaupun sudah lama berjanji, please no more lyrics from Janji Manismu punya lagu okay? I lev u Jes :)

Wednesday, October 14

Illegal Transaction

Sumthing is definitely not right in this picture.. Picx was taken during morning first hari raya, photographer (DH) was taking pictures of the kid (Haziq-my nephew) eating Mee Jawa by himself. After a while photographer realized that he accidentally captured "rokok bertukar tangan" between the kid's father (my BIL) and the kid's moyang (my nenek lah)!! Baeeeeekkk punya transaction :P

Tuesday, October 13

Muka Terencat

Wow, it's been a while since my last update.. Basically I'm still here just plain lazy and hoping somebody else update their blog for my own reading pleasure.. Raya mood? Still there hence berdozen open house invitation, not to mention wedding invitation!! can't make it to all.. hantar wakil only, DH la of course..

The reason being, I'm down with fever n cold n saket mata.. Don't want to spread the viruses, so I decided to berkulat at home.. Alhamdulilah the fever n saket mata is gone, only selesema yang masih menghantui.. degil betul virus selesema tuh, or maybe my body x familiar dengan wheather Malaysia? ahhahaa *sila muntah skarang*

Just wanna share picx of my beloved koceng gendut aka POSH taken during raya by DH, makin gemok, makin gendut.. Rendu bangat sama dia, she still recognized me as the first time she saw me, she started meowing n never stop, wait let me rephrase.. She gave me a very long meow with only one breath.. Can u imagine received a bebelan by a cat??

My mum laughing histerically when Posh gimme some good bebelan, and then she said.. "Posh x bebel pun bila Ayong or Ana balik, kat Mama pun dia x bebel, kat awak jer dia bebel.. Konfem dia kenal awak lagi" So, I guess after a year she still remembers me..

nih muka terencat