Tuesday, September 1

Happy Birthday To Me...

excuse the blurness, the camera is focusing on number 7

It's my 27th birthday!! I insisted to celeb8 it following US time, DH insisted to celeb8 following Malaysia time plus unsur2 berbau ugutan "Awak tengok IC awak, Malaysian kan?? Awak lahir kat Malaysia kan??" Hmmphhhh!! Jeles la tuh.. He is in 30's era while I'm still at my 20's era..

Just a small & simple celebration with him at home.. He bought 3 slices of different cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! We've eaten 2 of it, another one bila2 nak makan la.. Kalau beli satu kek, ntah bila la boleh habis.. Ouhhhh, all of their cakes are so yummmehhhh.. I no longer have a "thing" with Secret Recipe once I've tasted Cheesecake Factory cakes.

I cried when he sang Happy Birthday to me *ouh, saya memang kuat nangis*.. Well, frankly speaking I rarely celebrate my birthday with him coz he always gone - outstation! Anyway, thanks for the effort buying me the cute candle & buying my favorite cake - we lived at the suburbs and the shop is at downtown, so it is quite far. And thanks a million for the presents.. I love u, Sayang!

this is also the perfume he gave me during our courting years :)

mine is red bag, chosen by him of course

need i say more.. :)~


  1. Happy Birthday Ita...baru 27, muda lagi( tak macam aku yang dah diambang 20an..waaa)

    Anyway, the red beg is so cute...suke la...

  2. epi bday.. :) .. i like yer buuuuuurbery's.. hehehe..

  3. happy bday ita...i love your cheese cake...heheheh

  4. eyda >> diambang 20an pun masih 20's era.. btw, beg merah n makeup segala free beli perfume tuh,ada promotion.. meriah free gift dia!!

    tik >> thanks, blk raya x? ker raya di perantauan?

    dalia >> burberry itu belum dibeli, tp sudah di approved akan dibeli.. matching dgn my purse

    are-t >> ciskek itu mmg mengancam.. seriesly, talking bout it now pun menjejes air liur

    anne >> thanks for the wish dear.. ouh, i'm going to email u bout sumthing.. hehehe

  5. oh saya suka itu burberry jugakkkkk

  6. happy b-day cik puan! balik mesia nanti i banje mkn Pavlova nak.. tapi xtau la u suka ke tak. n takleh challenge ciskek fekteri tu kot walau ia bkn ciskek ;p

  7. Ita.. tak balik .. sedih nyea (sekarang tgh dgr lagu raya)..Dah 5 thn tak balik raya.. InsyaALlah next year kot balik time raya. You all balik yea.. bestnyea.. sure kalau i balik bleh jumpa (rumah i dgn your hubby dekat jea).

  8. aiyor, 5 tahun x balik raya... kalau ita sure dah meraung tuh.. next year our turn raya kat KB, so insyallah kita jumpa raya next year ok?