Thursday, September 10

090909 day - 0909 hours

Cute number.. once in thounsand years.. So, what do you do during that 'historical' time?? As for me, this morning at 9.09 am.. I was sleeping!! Ahahaha.. what do u expect? A celebration? If yes for what? So, don't bother.. Just continue my sleeping, don't even bother to set alarm to wake up early.. again, what for?

know somebody waited in front of PC at their workstation trying to take picx of the unique timing & date.. But come to think of it, u can set ur PC timing.. means u can take that picture even after u miss it & again whenever u want.. muahahahah


  1. 3 hari lagi *terbayang keropok lekor dah nih*

    :)~~~~ (menjejes air liur)

  2. Oooh... dah nak balik... mai mai... balik berapa lama?
    2 months?