Friday, September 11


garang macam singa bila lapar! roaaarrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
tp gambar cam singa ngantuk plak..lapar slalu jer ngantuk kan?

Thursday, September 10

090909 day - 0909 hours

Cute number.. once in thounsand years.. So, what do you do during that 'historical' time?? As for me, this morning at 9.09 am.. I was sleeping!! Ahahaha.. what do u expect? A celebration? If yes for what? So, don't bother.. Just continue my sleeping, don't even bother to set alarm to wake up early.. again, what for?

know somebody waited in front of PC at their workstation trying to take picx of the unique timing & date.. But come to think of it, u can set ur PC timing.. means u can take that picture even after u miss it & again whenever u want.. muahahahah

Friday, September 4

Northern Porridge... gitu~~

Title kecoh jer, ntah apa2... Smalam, telah menerai resepi Ash bagi yang bertajuk Kanji Utara.. Sangat best (to my liking la!!) & totally bukan bubur lambuk.. I siap promo at my ayong supaya terai.. Altho banyak halia digunakan, tp halia punya taste tak overpowered halba campur punya taste :)

Tetapi kerana banyak halia digunakan, maka setelah seharian berpuasa & makan kanji nih as berbuka puasa.. maka rumah saya penuh dengan desas2 angin klua dari kami berdua dari atas & juga bawah... muahahaha. Untuk resepi, sila klik sini.. Warning: bahasa yang sangat bersahaja... quote dari entry asal:
  1. then campak pulak halia and serai. kedua2 bendalah ni uols kene la titik dia dulu ataupun hentam dengan belakang kuali ke apa --> ash, umah hang tader anak lesung ka?
  2. api sepanjang masa jangan la mcm api neraka kerana nanti berkerak la bubur kau ye --> sungguh wicked lawak nih, takut plak i *insaf sekejap*

kanji utara

Thursday, September 3

A stalk of Red Rose

I woke up yesterday morning noon (hehehe.. yer, saya tau puasa saya makruh). Technically it is noon of my birthday *US timing* and I saw this on my laptop...

Not a big bouquet watsoeva, but perfect for me.. Tengah mamai2 tetibe nampak, of course I smiled *nasib baik tak nangis*, read the card, *sniff sniff* the rose.. Open my laptop, and looking for him online.. Thanks dear, LUMM!

Tuesday, September 1

Happy Birthday To Me...

excuse the blurness, the camera is focusing on number 7

It's my 27th birthday!! I insisted to celeb8 it following US time, DH insisted to celeb8 following Malaysia time plus unsur2 berbau ugutan "Awak tengok IC awak, Malaysian kan?? Awak lahir kat Malaysia kan??" Hmmphhhh!! Jeles la tuh.. He is in 30's era while I'm still at my 20's era..

Just a small & simple celebration with him at home.. He bought 3 slices of different cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! We've eaten 2 of it, another one bila2 nak makan la.. Kalau beli satu kek, ntah bila la boleh habis.. Ouhhhh, all of their cakes are so yummmehhhh.. I no longer have a "thing" with Secret Recipe once I've tasted Cheesecake Factory cakes.

I cried when he sang Happy Birthday to me *ouh, saya memang kuat nangis*.. Well, frankly speaking I rarely celebrate my birthday with him coz he always gone - outstation! Anyway, thanks for the effort buying me the cute candle & buying my favorite cake - we lived at the suburbs and the shop is at downtown, so it is quite far. And thanks a million for the presents.. I love u, Sayang!

this is also the perfume he gave me during our courting years :)

mine is red bag, chosen by him of course

need i say more.. :)~

Merdeka Baby

Just wanna wish Irwan, happy 18th birthday (18 ker??).. Irwan is my closest guy besfren, we had so much fun together.. From our UTP years at Perak, travel back to Kuantan, Mentakab & Temerloh outing.. and of coz KL outing.. party potluck, etc etc

bukak puasa 2 years back @ JW Marriot

Ironically both of us grew up, schooling at Kuantan.. but we met at UTP and since then we become good friend and always travel together (or konvoi) to Kuantan.. Then after my parents retired, they moved to Mentakab and at the same time Irwan's parents open a business and moved to Temerloh.. Mentakab n Temerloh is just 10km away. Every Raya my family will visit his family & vice versa.. He is no stranger with my sister, my nephew knows him and even my cat recognize him.. And now even my hubby befriend with him..

DH & me goofing around @ Irwan's house last raya, as usual the photographer is Irwan

Irwan @ my wedding, motif Acai sampai tutup2 mata mkn telor?

Our last intimate outing together was last Puasa @ Secret Recipe.. celebrating our birthday.. Last year my birthday falls on the first Ramadan and without DH by my side, of coz I went back to Mentakab.. I don't want to be alone at KL bukak puasa sorang2 yer.. In the evening, Irwan & I strolling at Pasar Ramadan Temerluh then we headed home to buka puasa with our family.. After terawikh, he pick me up at my house and we went to Secret Recipe.. Simple celebration only both of us with 2 pieces of cake and no candle.. Catching up & sesi Kak Seri Siantan where we share secrets that we are not comfortable sharing with other friends.. Or at least we tell each other first before blurt out to others.

Elephant Sanctuary @ Kuala Gandah

typical us, ko tangkap gambar aku dgn gajah, then aku tangkap gambar ko dgn gajah pulak

konon nak mandikan gajah tapi gajah berak dalam air, lariiiiiik

Irwan >> If u r reading this, since I lost my handphone.. I don't have any picx of us at Secret Recipe.. Please send it to me.. Last but not least, have a wonderful birthday.. Insyallah I'll make it up for my absence all this while once I'm back at Malaysia.

I have so many others picx, but semua dlm CD kat Malaysia.. hmmm