Wednesday, August 19

Please vote for Miss Malaysia

Out of nowhere, DH ask me to register and vote for Miss Malaysia 2009.. Click here to vote for our Miss Joannabelle Ng.. but u have to register first, just skip when they ask u to edit profile.. after u have register, just click her profile and vote at "rate this member" button.. so not that much hassle, why not vote? as simple as that :)

Directly quote from him, while I was registering & voting
  1. vote la for miss malaysia .. kesian dapat ranking corot
  2. miss thailand & miss indonesia macam habis lawa! tapi ranking no 2 ngan no 3!
  3. mula2 rating dia 2.10, lepas saya vote dia 5 star.. rating dia dah naik 2.11 *dengan nada bangga*
  4. vote 5 star tau! dah vote ker belum? - i answered yes
  5. apersal lepas awak vote rating dia x naik pun?

pinggang kecik, asset mantap! hoih~


  1. orang yg kat US semangat nak vote utk mesia, orang kat mesia ni plak tak semangt jek nak vote, cemane tuh..hehe

  2. huh, what a bod. jeles betul aku.

  3. eyda >> i kene paksa vote , motif kan my hubby gi tgk website miss universe? fishy sgt!
    lily >> lepas tgk gambar dia, worth my vote la sbb i rasa body dia mantap