Wednesday, August 19

Murni & Pemurah

Wahhh.. This entry was in my draft for quite sometime already.. better finish it up before it totally become irrelevant.

As u all know I'm a fulltime housewife.. whatever name u call it, homemaker.. home manager, SAHM (Stay at home mother? but I'm not a mother.. Zal gave the title to me, I ok jer.. I ada anak tekak, anak mata & anak rambut). So, I have plenty of free time for bersuka ria :)

One of my hobby is playing interactive gave.. Normally I dL yahoo games for free - I can play for one hour then the free trial expired.. But lately I received so many game invitations at FB. The thing about me, I'm not obsessed so usually I'll play one by one.. Not all at once!!!

It all started with Pet Society, Sasa send me an invitation and insist me to join and said it is addictive.. Ok so I joined and end up beat Sasa by many levels... In fact I even take care of her pet.. ahahhaha.. At one point, I'm bored then Dalina invite me to join Barn Buddy..

So I joined, bercucuk tanam fruits & vegetable.. once the crops ripen, we harvest it.. help your friend's removing weeds, removing bugs, watering their crops.. etc etc.. But this game is nasty!!!! You can be nice & u can be mean! If u r nice then u'll help, if u r mean.. u can add bugs, add weeds & steal from others! Hmpph!!

I can be both side.. Depends on my mood.. heheheh.. After all, it is just a virtual game.. So no harm done.. Seriously I don't mind people stealing from me.. But I am so pissed off with this one guy.. I was waiting my crops to ripe, yes, I waited and once its ripen I harvest it rightaway.. While I'm harvesting he still manages to steal from me.. So I guess he is just at the right place & at the right time.

But this incident happened a few times.. in fact everytime when my crops ready to harvest.. Eh, mamat ni tade keje lain ke? Maknanya, dia memang tunggu pokok I berbuah ranum dan penuh niat di hati untuk mencuriK.. *dasar perampok bajingan* Bukan tetibe visit, ada pokok boleh la curik.. Ni, memang niat dia saja tunggu dan nak mencurik.. Ayooo! Nih memang tader keje

So, I told Jes about it.. Ada gak orang obsessed camnih.. gigih mencurik katanya! She told me bout Farmville.. She said nobody can steal from you.. If you forgot to harvest, your crops will wilt - gone bad.. So it's your own fault.. And definitely tak akan sakit hati! Ahahahha.. So I joined and started planting & harvesting from time to time

From my point of view, Farmville is more interactive compared to Barn Buddy.. serta Murni & Pemurah.. Murni sebab tiada sesiapa boleh curik tanaman I and Pemurah sbb senang dpt coins / bonus / experience points.. Barn Buddy punya ayam seekor harga 90k.. mahal ok! Picture below is my farmville's ladang/kebun/dusun - ada 7 ekor ayam.. beat that Barn Buddy!

ayam & the rest of the farm animals.. free jer, orang bagi as gift

Ditch Barn Buddy, hello Farmville... Ouh I received many other invitation such as Restaurant City, Sunshine Ranch, Animal Ranch.. maybe I'll give it a try after I'm done with Farmville.. heheheh.. Lupa nak cakap.. Mamat tuh dia main Farmville jugak & level dia tinggi dah.. Motif kan? Semua game main pastuh semua game pun level dia tinggi! Tader keje gamaknyer.. budak MCKK memang camnih kot! *larikkkss*

P/s - DH pun budak koleq jugak tapi dia tangan bangku.. x reti main game *selamba kutuk* I love u sayang forever n ever.. peace! :P


  1. hahahahahaaaa... murni dan pemurah?.. ayat tokleh blah..

    i skang pon cuma main barn buddy je, nanti i join u at the other side ye, hehehe

  2. heheh.. kalau u start main farmville.. jgn lupa add i jd neibor u.. nanti i bg free gift everyday.. kan i ckp farmville pemurah :)

  3. hahaha. i baru jerk blog pasal farmville.
    so barn buddy tak menarik eks? =P
    tp i was hoping farmville to be a bit more interactive. mcm kene cabut weeds sendiri, or something like dat. haha. ni baru 3rd day i've added the app... so tgk lah kegigihan i bercucuk tanam nanti, LOL

  4. haih.. barn buddy gambar u as pekebun pun tader
    at least farmville nampak la gerak2 harvest crops..