Monday, August 3

Cocktails for Three

Something I bought today to accompany me tommorrow. Another visit to doctor's office means waiting & waiting & yawning & scribble over stuff u dunno in the room.. hehehe.. Usually DH will accompany me but tommorrow he have to work.. Pity him, he accompanied me untill 2am in the morning last Friday & the fact that at 8am he have to go to work. Sorry & thanks for waiting with me, really appreciate it.. Yer la, dia duk atas kerusi.. as for me syiok jer tido atas katil..

To all >> Pray hard for me, hopefully everything is going to be fine


  1. hehe.. thanks!
    tp buku dah start baca tadi :P

  2. hey perempuan. what's up w u going to the Dr's office?
    the wrap ada sampai tak? if not i want to serang the minah ittew... hohoho

  3. Good luck dear!
    Cant wait to hear the news *ttbe* :D

  4. lily >> replied thru email.. so jgn marah itu perempuan.. hehehe
    zal >> please do not speculate.. visit to doctor's office most of the time is bad news.. kalau ckp ur dad masuk hospital.. kau hepi ker? x kan?