Monday, August 31

Tag - Best Buddy Award

1) Sile copy award ini di blog anda

2) Nyatakan 6 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini
Pemberi award ialah Dalia.. And soalan award2 nih semua sama.. so, tanak entry ulangan.. mari kita tukar soalan.. Siapakah bapa kemerdekaan? Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.. hehehe

3)Nyatakan 9 fakta tentang diri anda sendiri
Again.. soalan ulangan.. Soalan baru.. Apakah tema sambutan hari kemerdekaan tahun ini? 1 Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan.. wateva it means.. muahaha.. matilah dicop derhaka & tidak patriotik pasnih

4) Pilih 10 penerima award seterusnye
Ayo.. ramainyer.. malu pulak nak tag orang sbb dah diubah soalan2.. But I wud love to have Sasa, Jes, & Zal to paste this award on their blog.. even without doing the tag :)

but not least.. Happy Merdeka to all fellow Malaysians!

Saturday, August 29

Ikut Pipit Kami...

And that is "Follow our Twitter" after dialih bahasa... Heheheh.. I saw it at a Malaysian website, paused for a while then change the language from Bahasa Malaysia to English.. Then only I understand.. Ahahaha.. and I have to blog bout it no matter how.. and still laughing sheepishly while writing this entry ;))

- Ohhh, I have so many entry tertunggak at my shopping blog.. am so lazy to update.. *bitten by big fat lazy bug*

Friday, August 28

Dengki & Godiva

Saya memang seorang yang dengki..
Saya dengki tengok orang update juadah2 beli kat Param..
Saya dengki tengok macam2 lauk...
Dengki jugak tengok macam2 kuih...

Sebab saya dengki saya nak tepek gambar ni..
Lagipun korang semua tengah puasa kan?
Saya tengah nak bersahur nih...
So, saya tak lapar & saya boleh makan/minum..
Merasa korang terliur tengok.. RASAIN~

ready? here we go.. Godiva Chocoiste

The first flavor.. *klik for larger image*

3 more flavor to go :)

OMG! I have to give 5 star for Milk Choc filled with Caramel
Normal choc if it says caramel means it is caramel candy
But this one is different.. diff in a better way, so yummmehhh
In the middle of the choc, there is a pocket filled with caramel
And it melts like nobody's business :)~

Ouh.. I've eaten the almond too
4.5 star for the Godiva's Milk Choc with Almond
Will visit Lady Godiva soon after I wallop all the chocs
Shud I be naked while riding a horse?
Eh bulan puasa.. motif tetibe nak berbogel?

Friday, August 21

Mari berpuasa~

Dikesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa kepada semua.. Semoga tahun ini puasa kita lebih diberkati Allah swt.. Awas!! first day jangan buat2 lupa lalu termakan or terminum di siang hari :P

gitu~ omputih sangat wishes kat gambar nih.. hehe

Kepada para suri rumah tangga yang ada resipi senang & ringkas (selain telur goreng ngan kicap) untuk sahur, silalah share.. Resipi yang lebih complicated serta vavavoom untuk berbuka puasa juga sangatlah dialu2kan :)

Wednesday, August 19

Please vote for Miss Malaysia

Out of nowhere, DH ask me to register and vote for Miss Malaysia 2009.. Click here to vote for our Miss Joannabelle Ng.. but u have to register first, just skip when they ask u to edit profile.. after u have register, just click her profile and vote at "rate this member" button.. so not that much hassle, why not vote? as simple as that :)

Directly quote from him, while I was registering & voting
  1. vote la for miss malaysia .. kesian dapat ranking corot
  2. miss thailand & miss indonesia macam habis lawa! tapi ranking no 2 ngan no 3!
  3. mula2 rating dia 2.10, lepas saya vote dia 5 star.. rating dia dah naik 2.11 *dengan nada bangga*
  4. vote 5 star tau! dah vote ker belum? - i answered yes
  5. apersal lepas awak vote rating dia x naik pun?

pinggang kecik, asset mantap! hoih~

Murni & Pemurah

Wahhh.. This entry was in my draft for quite sometime already.. better finish it up before it totally become irrelevant.

As u all know I'm a fulltime housewife.. whatever name u call it, homemaker.. home manager, SAHM (Stay at home mother? but I'm not a mother.. Zal gave the title to me, I ok jer.. I ada anak tekak, anak mata & anak rambut). So, I have plenty of free time for bersuka ria :)

One of my hobby is playing interactive gave.. Normally I dL yahoo games for free - I can play for one hour then the free trial expired.. But lately I received so many game invitations at FB. The thing about me, I'm not obsessed so usually I'll play one by one.. Not all at once!!!

It all started with Pet Society, Sasa send me an invitation and insist me to join and said it is addictive.. Ok so I joined and end up beat Sasa by many levels... In fact I even take care of her pet.. ahahhaha.. At one point, I'm bored then Dalina invite me to join Barn Buddy..

So I joined, bercucuk tanam fruits & vegetable.. once the crops ripen, we harvest it.. help your friend's removing weeds, removing bugs, watering their crops.. etc etc.. But this game is nasty!!!! You can be nice & u can be mean! If u r nice then u'll help, if u r mean.. u can add bugs, add weeds & steal from others! Hmpph!!

I can be both side.. Depends on my mood.. heheheh.. After all, it is just a virtual game.. So no harm done.. Seriously I don't mind people stealing from me.. But I am so pissed off with this one guy.. I was waiting my crops to ripe, yes, I waited and once its ripen I harvest it rightaway.. While I'm harvesting he still manages to steal from me.. So I guess he is just at the right place & at the right time.

But this incident happened a few times.. in fact everytime when my crops ready to harvest.. Eh, mamat ni tade keje lain ke? Maknanya, dia memang tunggu pokok I berbuah ranum dan penuh niat di hati untuk mencuriK.. *dasar perampok bajingan* Bukan tetibe visit, ada pokok boleh la curik.. Ni, memang niat dia saja tunggu dan nak mencurik.. Ayooo! Nih memang tader keje

So, I told Jes about it.. Ada gak orang obsessed camnih.. gigih mencurik katanya! She told me bout Farmville.. She said nobody can steal from you.. If you forgot to harvest, your crops will wilt - gone bad.. So it's your own fault.. And definitely tak akan sakit hati! Ahahahha.. So I joined and started planting & harvesting from time to time

From my point of view, Farmville is more interactive compared to Barn Buddy.. serta Murni & Pemurah.. Murni sebab tiada sesiapa boleh curik tanaman I and Pemurah sbb senang dpt coins / bonus / experience points.. Barn Buddy punya ayam seekor harga 90k.. mahal ok! Picture below is my farmville's ladang/kebun/dusun - ada 7 ekor ayam.. beat that Barn Buddy!

ayam & the rest of the farm animals.. free jer, orang bagi as gift

Ditch Barn Buddy, hello Farmville... Ouh I received many other invitation such as Restaurant City, Sunshine Ranch, Animal Ranch.. maybe I'll give it a try after I'm done with Farmville.. heheheh.. Lupa nak cakap.. Mamat tuh dia main Farmville jugak & level dia tinggi dah.. Motif kan? Semua game main pastuh semua game pun level dia tinggi! Tader keje gamaknyer.. budak MCKK memang camnih kot! *larikkkss*

P/s - DH pun budak koleq jugak tapi dia tangan bangku.. x reti main game *selamba kutuk* I love u sayang forever n ever.. peace! :P

Monday, August 17

First Crush

I was in form 2, he was in form 3.. Let's call him M - truthfully, I have forgotten his name.. so M is just a random letter.. I first saw him at our school's hall.. He's the conductor of choral speaking team.. to be precise English Choral Speaking Team.. they will be presenting our school at I have no idea which level, state or district?

His English is good, damn good I must say.. He's cute, chinese look.. tall and cute! I felt a lil bit intimidating, because being a chubby kid (really chubby) and late bloomers.. I have nothing to feel good about. I'm fat with no rack & no butt.. not flat, just like a good cengal/meranti log? I didn't make any move/hint watsoeva, bcoz I'm too afraid I guess.

One fine day, I was cycling with my bestfren, S around her neighborhood.. And I saw M in front of this one particular home.. I assume it is his.. hehehe.. What did I do with that information? I do nothing except that road in front of his house become my regular cycling route.. gatal kan? Ouh, i didnt tell anybody that I like M, even my bestfren S. Just keep quiet hoping one day he likes me too perhaps?

Few weeks later, when I was walking with S to school's canteen.. We are stopped by M.. wah! control macho la I.. suddenly he started talking to S about how he adores her, how he likes to befriend with he.. etc ect.. u know the drill! Sedeh tak terkata.. hati hancur berderai, remuk redam, yet muka selamber la.. takkan tetibe nangis kat situ kan?

At home I cried, not that much.. I never blame S.. she doesnt know my feelings towards M.. I didnt blame M either, coz I don't think he notice my existance.. Ouh, I forgot another detail, important one I bet.. S is beautiful (face wise) & body dia juga mengancam.. She's not thin stick, lean body with nice rack & butt!! Basically, there is no surprise so many seniors usha2, ngorat2 dia..

S become friends with M.. in fact she become friends with everybody.. no! she's not a slut.. just friendly.. we are young, I believe that she doesn't want any relationship at early age.. What happened to me then? I just kept everything to myself.. eyeing M from distance

A year later, my PMR result is out.. not a good one, everybody expect me to get straight A's.. I was crying like nobody's business.. menyesal tak sudah.. ouh this time the crying is definitely more intense compared to crying when M make a move to S.. I shed quite a lot during school holiday (sbb frust?)..When I come back to school for registering Form 4, I am totally different person.. I am no longer fat chubby kid..

With leaner body, I have good set of assets.. And good complexion too.. Thanks to Mama introducing me to start using Sabun Susu Kambeng.. fight away all those puberty pimples.. When I'm leaner I realized that I'm a good runner so I was selected to be in Athletics team. Thanks for the everyday training.. now I'm leaner and firmer.. :)

Abang2 senior start noticing me and also I started receiving letter from SA (secret admirer). Ouh, dun get me wrong.. I'm not gatal type of gal.. I didn't have boyfriend when I was in high school.. Learnt my mistake during PMR where I spent most of my time berangan kan.. Ok, frankly I noticed M always look at me! Form4 & form5 block is facing each other and my stairs is exactly in front of his class....vavavavva

My classmate also said that there is a guy who always sat at my table after school looking at my stuff.. I dont care that much coz I only leave text book behind at my table not personal belongings... Day passed by, I received more and more letter in between pages of my textbook.. and he admit that he always usha me specially when I walk at the stairs coz he get the best view from his place when I go up/down the stairs.. mungkinkah M? *hati bunga2*

I started smile and exchange gedik looks everytime I caught M checking me out.. He on the other hand always smile back.. eh, I no longer cycle in front of his house coz I trained at school everyday.. so in the evening I was so tired to cycle around..

One day.. M approached me & said.. His bestfriend really likes me! WTH?? All this while, it was his bestfriend, not himself!!!! Arrrrghhhh.. tensi sekejap.. And his bestfriend have no guts to talk to me by himself? Tulis surat almost everyday boleh pulak? Huh.. First rule as a man, have some dignity.. Make your own move towards a girl, never ask other people to do it..

I refuse politely, after all tader la sesiape saket hati kan coz I stayed single untill I finish my high school.. Get good grade in my SPM.. Currently, I'm still in touch with S, I have no idea what happened to M and my SA - he's one of my friend in my FB. He's engaged... End of story

Friday, August 14

Perseid Meteor Shower

Google changed it's logo today.. Being curious, what is that all about, what is the special occasion? Arrr, so there will be perseid meteor shower on the 12th & 13th.. So, we head to the lake with camera.. with high hope we can sight the shower.. The picx below is our best, seriously...

Does it look like a meteor? I know it is definitely not a shower.. Ok, in fact that's a picture of an aeroplane blinking with red n white lights at the sky.. We sighted around 15 planes, bored and headed home.. *hampa*

Wednesday, August 12

Kene tipu

Masa kecik2 korang selalu kene tipu dengan mak korang x? As for me, slalu gila kene tipu dengan Mama.. kalau kene tipu bende lain2 taperla, tipu benda sama pun boleh percaya over n over again.. Why? Am I that stupid? don't think so.. just one word "TRUST" and mother-daughter bonding..

I'm going to narrow down incident2 kene tipu ni specific to "gigi susu dah longgar sebab gigi permanent nak tumbuh"... So basically ni crita kene tipu zaman umur 6-8 tahun.. dah besar panjang ni reminiscing crita lama boleh tersengeh sorang2

Masa tu gigi susu dah longgar amat.. kalau goyang2 x lama lagi memang tercabut la.. It's not going to be painful pun sebab memang menanti nak gugur jer.. Tapi being penakut kan, ajak jumpa dentist memang melalak meraung bagai nak rak.. Gigi longgar so takut nak kunyah, takut nak makan.. As a mother, tak senang duduk la kan tengok anak tanak makan.. So Mama cum dentist tak bertauliah start menipu.. I didnt remember how the conversation exactly but almost like this

Ma: Meh, mama tengok gigi Ita
Me: *showing the tooth*
Ma: Mama ikat dengan benang nak?
Me: Wat pe? *follow with loud cry*
Ma: Mama janji tak cabut, mama nak goyang2 kan dia jer
Me: Tanakkkkkkkkk *uwaaaaaaaaaa*
Ma: Betul, mama x cabut.. mama ikat gigi tu then main2 jer
Me: Janji x cabut?
Ma: Janjiiiiiiiiiii
Me: Ok.. *tsk tsk*

So, innocent me reluctantly let Mama tie my tooth with a string (have no idea how she does that).. then she said..

Ma: Aaa, dah siap.. kan mama cakap mama tak cabut
Me: Nak tengok nak tengok *me looking at the mirror*

I realized that how ridiculous I looked with a string attached to my tooth hanging out from my mouth.. but I dunno y, I let it be there for a while.. later..

Ma: Mama nak tengok gigi pastuh mama main2 goyang2kan ok?
Ita: Janji tak cabut?
Ma: Janji
Ita: Ok...

Then, she just pulled the string and the tooth is gone!! As expected I cried very loud plus yelling at her Mama tipu! Mama tipu! Mama tipu! Mama janji tak cabut gigi Ita *uwaaaaaaaa* Mama tipu! *woowoowoowo* --> this is my trademark cakap sambil nanges wic sounded like woo woo woo.. Both my sis always tease me everytime I cry.. now even DH tease me about this..

Ironically, the trust towards Mama never fade altho I repeatedly kene tipu for the same incident like 3 times? What was I thinking? Kene tipu 3 kali for the same incident, same technique (benang thingy), same pujuk rayu.. ahahaha.. I think 3 times kot or maybe more.. I can't recall.. Now, I am no longer afraid to see dentist.. Regular check up & scaling, filling all those lubang2 :P

Tuesday, August 11

Asam Pedas - 2nd attempt

Yes! berjaya... sedap ok (read: sedap to my taste).. DH punya taste is too lenient, he's not going to be a good food critics.. This is really a good point when u r not a good cook.. Sbb dia x banyak komplen.. Apa yang dimasak, dia x komplen.. Dia makan jer.. I am more harsh towards myself.. Sumtimes I dun eat what I've cooked coz it is not up to my standard! *pose gila*

Ok puan2, mari tengok I punya gambar asam pedas.. Menu ulangan, Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri.. reason gigih masak lagi sebab the other day kemaruk jumpa daun kesum so beli agak banyak.. tanak la dia rotten dalam fridge.. tak baik membazir gitu.. heheheh.. tiada bendi sbb DH tak makan bendi & I'm not a big fan of bendi.. tapi kalau ada bendi berenang dlm tuh, I makan jer..

anda nampak batang daun kesum itu?

Resepi kejayaan? Muahahah.. This is definitely a cheat! I used Perencah Asam Pedas Adabi.. I remembered Tinie bought me few extra paste that is not in my wishlist and her hubby brought those item from KL to Houston. So, apalagi.. just give it a try.. n to my surprise, it is tastier compared to the one that I did from scratch.. So y bother to make ur life complicated? Instant paste kan ada? Instruction ada blakang paste tuh.. Tak perlu type di blog :P

perencah ajaib :)

Friday, August 7


Love, Family, Money, Friends, Food.. Arrr Food :)~
I need all of the above to function properly

Petang tadi beli kotak untuk shipping customer's item $2.15

There is a park beside.... train station? near the traffic light?
White gazebo..Apa nama eh park nih...

Huh? I kawen masa umur 25 tahun

Nasi Beriyani Harini.. eh Nihari?? Nihari rasanya

Cocktails for 3

Taylor Swift *perasan*

No preference, I love them both equally.. I do talk more with my mum on the phone bcoz my dad will automatically slam the phone if he heard we say word "OK".. But in real life, I interact with my dad more

Surprisingly I cant think of one.. Maybe I just don't care

Britney... Saya pun suka perempuan sengal ini

Taderla.. Lipas yang tolong buat

Not sure it is exciting enuff, but I want to go to Prince Edward Island

I can live without all 3, but the first thing I will give up from the list is of coz MP3

a) Dia dah pegi Beijing *jeles*
b) Currently she's pursuing her PHD.. gud lak bebeh
c) Loves to take photo
d) Loves listening to music & hafal lyrics..
e) She's a travelbug --> this is purely my opinion, correct me if I'm wrong

a) keji
b) kurik
c) jijik --> soon to be.. :P

Pemalas macam lipas nak baca buku.. baca magazine jer, tuh pun dalam toilet.. la la la~

a) Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Callait
b) You belong with me - Taylor Swift
c) Pudar - Rossa (Padam - Rosak?) ahahhaha
d) Because I'm a Girl - Kiss

a) My hubby loves my cat, POSH
b) If u change ur lifestyle, ur weight will increase/decreased rapidly.. for my case it is the earlier
c) My skin can't stand winter wheather.. hence mengelupas dengan teruk :(

Haih.. saper2 rasa nak buat, buat la.. Tiada paksaan di dalam Islam

Shower Curtain

We need new shower curtain!! Enuff said :P

Tuesday, August 4

Asam Pedas

My fav dish to accompany my nasik lunch always will be Asam Pedas.. U can verify it with my lunch buddy Fazlee, Naniey, Nora, Akak Wanz, Iba.. heheheh.. but since I'm at US I can't find bunga kantan or daun kesum.. *sian* After 8 months, finally I found daun kesum!! *sangat suka hati*

U guys shud look at me during the search.. I was at vegetable area & I said to DH "Ada bau daun kesum la.. sure ada nih" Since daun kesum have very prominent scent boleh la terbau kan?? Kalau suruh bau Sawi, sampai sudah tak bau :P And then, I saw fresh daun kesum labeled as 'mint'.. ahahha.. mint pun mint la.. x kisah janji daun kesum

So today, I cooked Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri!! The results?? Tak sedap yer! Ahahha.. Ok la, tader la tak sedap sampai takleh makan... but I've tasted better.. Then, I YM my ayong.. altho I know she's sleeping now. I just leave an offline message saying "I miss your Asam Pedas".. To conclude, dah jumpa daun kesum pun kalau masak tak sedap, tak guna :P

P/s - What's with the speculation? Ramai lak tuh wat speculation.. Awas!! jangan speku2.. Kalau nak tau tanya jer.. but if I don't answer it.. means I don't want to share it.. As simple as that.. Need to see the doctor again on this Friday *sigh*

Monday, August 3

Cocktails for Three

Something I bought today to accompany me tommorrow. Another visit to doctor's office means waiting & waiting & yawning & scribble over stuff u dunno in the room.. hehehe.. Usually DH will accompany me but tommorrow he have to work.. Pity him, he accompanied me untill 2am in the morning last Friday & the fact that at 8am he have to go to work. Sorry & thanks for waiting with me, really appreciate it.. Yer la, dia duk atas kerusi.. as for me syiok jer tido atas katil..

To all >> Pray hard for me, hopefully everything is going to be fine