Saturday, July 4

Word Verification

Eiiiiiii!!!! I really hate this word verification thingy.. doesn't matter at auction website, blog comment or online shopping.. just simply sux.. I know the word verification is important to reduce spam, reduce auto-generate bidder, decrease hacking watsoeva.. but can somebody make it easier?

At times I feel like to click the handicap button (usually in blue) so that I can hear the letter then type it?! Never tried it but maybe someday. I aks DH earlier whether he's having any problem on identifying each n every letter, but he said wif confidence tahap dewa.. "tader problem pun"

Grrrr~~ So, am I the only one who's facing such problem or I'm just simply retarded bcoz I can't identify it? Anybody penah encounter the same thing like me? At least share it with me bcoz I am almost believing that I am pure retarded!

What I did usually, I will refresh IE button (or press F5) so that a new (or easier) word verification pop up... Hehehe.. Anyway, if I am confident with my answer (but it is actually wrong) - no harm done.. they will ask me to verify again.. I am officially annoyed now!

errr ok..what is this?

the easy one.. AURAVE

confusing one.. is it a v or r? the letter have been streched left, right, up, down.. how shud i know the exact letter then?


  1. i hate it too..

    nak comment pun jadik malas sb ada benda tuh..

    btw.. blog u pun ada word verification lol..

  2. samaaaaaaaaaaaa, mata i pon sama kero.. by the way got yer email, tak sempat balas kerana tadi menyambut tetamu di rumah.. ngehehe

  3. arep >> mmg saja diletakkan word verification sbb blog lama i dulu x letak, banyak gila spam kat comment
    dalia >> nasib baik bukan i surang! ahhaa.. pasal email tu x berbalas pun taper.. sbb u penah tanya i dulu camaner kan.. so 2 hari lepas br i tau jawapannya.. dats y i bg email tuh

  4. Halo... bila nak update blog ni... saya tunggu punya tunggu... how is 4th of July?

  5. wth? this entry was updated 14 hours ago.. takkan every hour nak kene update kot? :(

    4th of july >> going out now.. ada fireworks tonite

  6. agak bimbo entry nih. heheheh.