Friday, July 17


I can resist anything except tempation --> most often quote from Sasa.. Previously, I just brush her off everytime she said this.. but I know deep down she's right.. No point for me to stay in denial.. face the world, after all nobody is perfect..

I went shopping at the mall near my house yesterday.. Initial shopping list is just to buy a skincare for my MIL *pssst* she uses Clinique.. Ahhahah, the most unsuitable brand for me... As usual I was wondering around at skincare/makeup area then somebody approach me, the sales assistant it is...

Asking me whether I'm ok, or need any help.. I managed to grab what my MIL want so basically I'm good so I said everything's fine.. I continue window shopping, looking then from time to time she'll come to me, *pose hasut* and demn she's good! End up, I bought unnecessary stuff.

So the first item is Smith's Rosebud Salve.. Quote from the back of the product "may help to relieve chapped lips, chapped skin, diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns, rough cuticles and may soften rough hand" Of coz my brain only processed the word chapped skin & blemishes.. hehehhe.. On top of that, the gal also said that this salve can soothe Eczema skin.. not that I have one, but I'm impressed.. lalu membeli, dah la wangi, bau bunga rose.. Taperla, my lipbalm pun dah nak habes.. so boleh la guna this salve as lipbalm :)

The second item is Brow Definer by Anastasia. I never heard about this Anastasia brand but the sales assistant keep on saying that this Anastasia is famous. For years, she has shaped the brows of Hollywood's elite in her Beverly Hills Salon. Finally, she brings her brow products to commercial market. She's created her signature line to help us achieve beautiful brows at home kononnyer. So, urs truly termakan la hasutan lalu membeli.. ekekekeke... this brow definer consist of brow crayon to shape/darken it up and clear brow gel to tame the unruly brow.

P/s - tanak salahkan hormon, tapi pompuan memang camnih kan?

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