Tuesday, July 14

Smacking USD 1k :(

Received my medical bill - *sob sob* smacking USD 1k ++, not including consultation.. If sum up all, the total wud be, errr just say that I can buy LV Damier Ribera MM there n then! I have to pay first, later my insurance company will reimburse..

BUT! Haih~ What's wrong with me? Wake up!! I wrote my account number wrongly at my claim form? This is totally not me.. If u know me, I am very meticulous and have an eagle eye specially with details n number.. Wth? @)&^%$#$%^

Went to USPS monday morning to retrieve the envelope I sent last Saturday, they told me that the envelope now at New Jersey for international depart to Malaysia.. I guess I have to follow up the matter by a phone call n email.. Haih~ So, most probably delay on receiving the fund.. Grrrr~

Just not in the happy happy mode.. coz firstly, duit terbang.. not technically but still need to fork out my own money first + delay for reimburse fund. Secondly, how can I be this careless.. this is sooooo not me!!! *i'm officially mad at myself*

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