Friday, July 3

My Sales Blog

I lurve shopping so much but I don't have all the money in the world. So, now I'm chanelling my interest to help all of you out there.. by shopping on behalf of others, I still can satisfy my crazeee and my drooling over so many designer items out there. Anyway, stuff from US is way cheaper if compared to prices at Malaysia.

I lurve travelling too, but as usual I need lotsa $$$. I hope I can make extra money out of this blog too.

I will
charge small fee as my service fee, but no worries it all included in the price that I've quoted. Feel free to visit my sales blog. Happy shopping & I hope at least u enjoy browsing the pictures. I took the pictures by myself, no copyright without permission ok :P


  1. hehhehe... macam rebecca bloomwood plak. Jadi personel shopper sebab nak satisfied her craziness on shopping.

    I dah browse dah... nanti 2 kalau ada yg I berkenan I roger you okeh

  2. okeh.. roger.. nih sbb baca seme buku shopaholic series la nih :P

  3. bagus bagus... saya suka....