Wednesday, July 29

Meroyan Sekejap...

For the past 2 days.. Internet connection was on & off... Sumtimes I can browse like normal, sometimes it just stated as "Internet Explorer cannot display the page" or sumthing similar to that. And to my horror the satelite TV also didn't work properly.. One time it's up & another time it's just hang (read: beku). The worst, the screen just say "The channel is currently unavailble, service will resume in a moment". But never resume :(

Meroyan sekejap.. no Internet, no TV.. I'm not into music that much because I'm tone deaf aka lambat pikap.. Dengar lagu 10 kali pun, lirik x hafal.. so I don't sing that much.. suara pun tak sedap, so why bother to make others miserable by menyumbangkan suara yang sumbang?

Luckily, the YM is up.. I wonder why YM is working? If YM is working, so the connection is good.. but I can't browse internet? I've heard some server at New Zealand is down & effected the whole worlwideweb? Is it true? The conclusion is, I'm just saying that I felt empty without my TV & my internet.. If the YM is not working either, I'm gonna call myself Cro-Magnon woman with a phone :P

life as primitive, Cro-Magnon man


  1. ita, i pon sama i dont sing that much sebab lyric slalu salah and tone deaf too

    and i cant live without tv series and internet.. hahaha

  2. boleh gila woo tiada tv n internet *pose meraung sorang2*

  3. Chihih,
    *pose baca post yang I miss while I am gone*

  4. yup, the same like jesz did last time