Wednesday, July 22

Latest Addiction

For the past few weeks, all my favorite series CSI:Vegas, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, Desperate Housewife, Groomer Has It - all ended with big finale. Now, I'm left with nothing to wait for every week *missing my weekly dosage, sob sob*. For weeks I've been watching Friends, That's 70's Show, Sex and the City over n over again. I even watched Paris's My new BFF altho telah dicarut oleh seseorang.. *tak dapat terima la series tuh* she said..ahahah..

Anyway, I'm presenting my new latest addiction called Drop Dead Diva! It is a story bout Debbie a shallow but beautiful model who has a fatal car accident and suddenly finds herself in front of Fred, the Heaven's gatekeeper. She attempts to persuade Fred to return her to her shallow existence but is accidentally relegated to the body of the recently deceased Jane, a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney. Debbie now have to live her life as Jane and even inherit Jane's IQ. Physically, from size 2 to size 14, go figure!

Just watched the 1st episode, can't wait for the 2nd one :)~

Ohhh! I have another addiction.. called Royal Pains! The story is about Hank, an ER doctor who loses everything ie fired, lawsuit againts him, fiancee leaving him. That's where his younger brother Evan steps in and convinces Hank to crash a party at the home of a Hamptons billionaire and when a guest falls critically ill, Hank saves the day. His dramatic medical rescue draws attention and soon Hank's phone starts ringing off the hook with patients demanding house calls. Accidentally, Hank has become the hot new 'concierge doctor' in town.

I managed to influence DH following this series too

So, activity tengok TV kembali berisi.. I'm waiting for premiere of latest season Project Runaway this coming 20th August!! :)


  1. i used to love 70s show, immensely, hehe, sbelum dah tak kluar dah ka tv, hehehe.. the 2 citer u mentioned dengarnya macam really best.. hopefully akan sampai mesia one of this days, hehehehe.. have fun watcing tv.. oh, projeck runaway oso i like, hihiiii

  2. kat sini duk ulang2 70's show tuh.. royal pains tuh tader online.. tp drop dead diva tuh bleh tgk online..hopefully connection masa nak tgk tu tiptop la.. kalau x letih nak tunggu buffering.. below is the link