Friday, July 3

Invite Invite Banana

Out of nowhere, teringat bout this.. This conversation happened between my sis and her eldest son, Harris while we are having breakfast at my parent's house 3 or 4 years back. By the way, he is very talkative and memang banyak tanya..

Harris: Mommy, mommy.. kita makan apa nih?
My sis: Nihhh nama dia jemput jemput pisang..
Harris: Ooooo (took his plate & start eating in front of Tv)

After a while, he came back at the dining table

Harris: Mommy! Sedap la.. Mommy buat ke ni?
My sis: MakTok yang buat
Harris: Ooo.. kenapa mommy x penah buat?
My sis: Nanti mommy buat kat umah yer...
Harris: Apa nama dia tadi?
My sis: Jemput jemput pisang...
Harris: Apa nama dia in english?
My sis: Mommy tak tau larrrr
Harris: Harris nak citer kat Harris punya fwen! Dia x tau ckp Melayu
My sis: Harris cakap jer 'jemput jemput pisang'
Harris: Tak bolehhhhh! She speaks English onlyyyy!
My sis: Errrr.. baru mommy ingat.. Nama dia 'Invite Invite Banana'
Harris: Semula..semula
My sis: Invite invite Banana..
Harris: Ooo, Invite invite Banana (trying hard 2 remember)

The rest of us waited Harris out from dining hall, and we started laughing like hell! Boleh tak?? Tipu sunat my sis said.. She also explained that Harris really likes this Mat Salleh girl at his pre-school. That's why he insisted to know everything in English.


  1. my sis penah tunjuk gambar class harris tuh, mmg cantik minah salleh itu..bukan pure pun.. dah mix dgn malay ar..pan asian gitu~

  2. hehehe... cuba kalau dia nak translate cekodok pisang? toady banana? hehehe...

  3. hoih? ahahha.. kene ingat vocab baru nih "toady banana".. mana tau ada similar reoccurance in future