Thursday, July 30

Guilty Pleasure *nyum nyum*

bersedia dgn acne medication, mkn kacang konfem jerawat naik

It is a very emotional day for me (emotional in bad way).. So, I took this tong aiskrim & started eating.. Then I harvested my FB's Barn Buddy pomegranate before somebody manage to steal it!! Awas perampok2 sekalian..

And voila~ I'm a happy kid :D

Now the ugly truth.. this is sooo going to make Ikzal pass out or even fall due to cardiac arrest. 350 calorie per serving.. satu tong aiskrim = 3.5 serving.. 0.5 serving eaten by DH, the rest eaten by me! muahahah *wicked laugh*

Nevertheless worth it.. but this particular flavor makes me saket perut lite2 n berak lite2 berry2.. Shud I ban this flavor? Or it is just a sign that I've eaten too much? kih kih kih


  1. omg another fan of barn buddy. nesh pun sama naik gila main barn buddy. lol.

  2. ahahah... u tanya nash.. i punya level sgt tinggi.. bangga ni *petani moden*