Friday, July 10

Fake American Accent?


Firstly, my english is always Manglish.. I admit that! All this while I've tried my best to speak in proper english with correct grammar. Being a local graduate, my english is just a so-so.. nothing 2 be proud of.. I always believe I'm an average (maybe I'm not, maybe I really sux at it) With that average English, I got my first job before I grad as Customer Service Exec with an International Bank. So, I guess the interviewers didn't realized my broken English kot?

on, I switched job and landed at bigger International Bank.. Sorie, I always have sumthing againts Local Bank *hi Eon Bank*.. Promotion, Department Transfer, Internal Transfer, Local Projects, International Migration Projects.. inside and outside Malaysia.. I work closely with Malaysians, Americans, Brits, Japanese, Hongkies, Singaporeans, Indians etc etc. I'm in Treasury world, forex is everything! Ouh, I can't work with French coz I don't understand their English.. they do understand me tho.. ahahha

No problem back then.. We can communicate relatively well. Now, I'm at States... I have no problem to communicate with them face 2 face. After all this is not my first time living outside Malaysia. By mean living is not visiting for 1 or 2 weeks or so...

My only problem is now, Americans don't understand my Manglish accent on the phone!! Arghhhh bl**dyh*ll...So, exactly 1/2 an hour ago.. I make a call with a fake American accent... with my highest hope they could understand me better.. Or shud I write.. beddeRRR instead of better?

I feel wanna puke hearing myself speaks with American accent! uwek uwek.. Geli weih! English hampes tapi ada slang.. plastic sangat! tak koserrr!


  1. ngaku fake takpe, celebs skrg suka sgt kata, mmg dah cakap camgini dari kecik... ye-ye je?

    could i have some woddderrr please? hehe ;)

  2. ahahah... x ske tau slang2.. cam gedik jer lebeh tau.. kalau nak air.. water saja! tayah nak beriya woddeRRRr

  3. hihihi....aku suke tiru filipino accent..sbb dia mcm ala2 american accent..

    tapi aku suke jugak berangan brit-ish accent

  4. Salam. was bloghopping n found yours.. =)

    saje nak nyampuks.. ive been living abroad lama gile... dah masuk double digits, tapi still i cant emulate the british or local accent.. sket² tu boleh la.. once in a while.. mmg rase tak koser.. hehe.. tp sorry.. bile tgk msian tv progrms etc or sh*ut awards baru² ni kat tv.. owh malaysian with thick american accent.. RrRrR!

  5. sasa >> aku prefer brit punya accent, rasa seksi jer.. auwww --> bunyi srigala.. hakhak

    deloress >> thanks for visiting.. ouh yes, ada celebriti membesar abroad mmg naturally ada accent, tp i cant stand yg fake punya accent.. it is better to be urself :)

  6. bestnya jadi u, dapat g luar negara.

    hahah. i sgt obsessed okay about being "American-ish". Hahahah.

    btw, Salam ziarah.

  7. wafi >> w'lam & thanks for visiting
    kalau duk merata2 ni dia nyer advantage kita lebih berfikiran terbuka n more cultural la.. tp negara sendiri tetap bes.. sbb ada 3F (family, friends & food)