Monday, July 6

4th of July Celebration

Merdeka? Usually if merdeka 31st August.. The next day I am expecting a big fat birthday present from DH.. Since merdeka day here is 4th July.. I still claim my birthday present the next day, not in serious manner tho.. However, he got me a small 'pressie' anyway.. thank you for 'searching' for it bebeh!

Just wanted to talk bout my 4th of July celebration.. Nothing much just watching an extravagant musical fireworks. Previously, I really wanted to go to Putrajaya for MIFC 2007 (Malaysia International Fireworks Competition) but we are stuck at traffic jam near the Putrajaya mosque at precint 1 until end of the show.. sangat hampa ok! MIFC 2008 - saw a glimpse of it during a flight from KB to KLIA.

Finally 2009, saw it far away from Putrajaya.. I still think that traffic dispersion at Putrajaya sux big time. Anyway, I'm really impressed with the collaboration between the music and the fireworks.. Example, during the song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.. The fireworks are in smiley shapes, ain't that cute? hihihih.. well, at least I think it's cute! Oh, and during VivaLaVida by Coldplay.. the fireworks pusing2 spiral like dancing together with the catchy music.. lovely~

I realized that I babble a lot in this blog.. So, I'm gonna stop now.. enjoy the picx.. the fireworks picx are taken by me, not DH.. We always carry 2 cameras (one his, one mine).. by the way, I am so proud that I managed to take better picture compared to him.. first time ni! lalalala~

candid.. jap jap.. rambut serabai nih, angin tiup!

ok.. dah redi *smile*
the triplets
the blue ones~
the orange ones
the colorful ones :)~


  1. the firework picture is superb.. :)

  2. thanks dalia.. gambar amatur je ni.. bersepah jer gambar lagi cantik kat internet