Thursday, July 30

Guilty Pleasure *nyum nyum*

bersedia dgn acne medication, mkn kacang konfem jerawat naik

It is a very emotional day for me (emotional in bad way).. So, I took this tong aiskrim & started eating.. Then I harvested my FB's Barn Buddy pomegranate before somebody manage to steal it!! Awas perampok2 sekalian..

And voila~ I'm a happy kid :D

Now the ugly truth.. this is sooo going to make Ikzal pass out or even fall due to cardiac arrest. 350 calorie per serving.. satu tong aiskrim = 3.5 serving.. 0.5 serving eaten by DH, the rest eaten by me! muahahah *wicked laugh*

Nevertheless worth it.. but this particular flavor makes me saket perut lite2 n berak lite2 berry2.. Shud I ban this flavor? Or it is just a sign that I've eaten too much? kih kih kih

Wednesday, July 29

Meroyan Sekejap...

For the past 2 days.. Internet connection was on & off... Sumtimes I can browse like normal, sometimes it just stated as "Internet Explorer cannot display the page" or sumthing similar to that. And to my horror the satelite TV also didn't work properly.. One time it's up & another time it's just hang (read: beku). The worst, the screen just say "The channel is currently unavailble, service will resume in a moment". But never resume :(

Meroyan sekejap.. no Internet, no TV.. I'm not into music that much because I'm tone deaf aka lambat pikap.. Dengar lagu 10 kali pun, lirik x hafal.. so I don't sing that much.. suara pun tak sedap, so why bother to make others miserable by menyumbangkan suara yang sumbang?

Luckily, the YM is up.. I wonder why YM is working? If YM is working, so the connection is good.. but I can't browse internet? I've heard some server at New Zealand is down & effected the whole worlwideweb? Is it true? The conclusion is, I'm just saying that I felt empty without my TV & my internet.. If the YM is not working either, I'm gonna call myself Cro-Magnon woman with a phone :P

life as primitive, Cro-Magnon man

Sunday, July 26

Shopping Sakan!

Sungguh seronok.. banyak gila shopping + window shopping :D

Sampai kene halau sebab kedai nak tutup.. Shophopping (huh? wujud ke word nih) from shop to shop.. But tader langsung barang sendiri.. Mostly souvenir for my niece & nephew, tiada pengecualian & tiada berat sebelah.. semua dapat both side!! mak2 & bapak2 eh.. errr, ada gak la.. Terima kasih kepada kad gores & menang - Debit Card M*ybank

To my sayang.. I know he's going to read this while I'm sleeping.. I'm the night owl, he's the normal one.. Kata nak jimat? Jimat ker nih? Rabu shopping! Jumaat shopping! Sabtu shopping! Esok ari Ahad kita berkulat kat dalam umah.. Yang paling x tahan, hari Rabu & Jumaat.. siap blah awal dari office :P

P/s - Tinie, I found your tea towel set.. try carik matching Apron n Mitten (mitten ker?) x jumpa lak.. will update the picx later ye beb?

Friday, July 24

It is Getaway *doink*

Saya sangatlah tidak peduli kalau orang typo2 ni sebenarnye, even I myself always type amndi for mandi.. gelak2 then habis kat situ je la..I even can tolerate phonatic spelling to replace normal spelling, year as nu yer, customer as kasteme, rice cooker as rais kuker, feedback as fitbek!!

Hari nih saya puasa so tiada tenaga nak jalan2, maka facebooking jer la..While viewing my friends picx album, guess what I found?! I found 5 of my friends have an album called "GATEAWAY" Apakah? I think we should apply to Oxford Dictionary that getaway can have two ways of spelling, the normal one 'getaway' and the latest one 'gateaway'. Ok apa? melarikan diri dari pagar - assume that it is pagar rumah.. in a way maksud dia vacation jugak kan?

From my pov, tak peduli pun as long as I understand what he/she is trying to convey.. itu sudah memadai.. that's why I can accept it relatively well.. bagi la ejaan camaner pun, ayat tunggang langgang camaner pun.. OK SAJAAAAA! Kita bukan tengah amik SPM...

Thursday, July 23

Food Wishlist

keropok lekor :)~

I swear, I'm going to eat all of these when I'm back at Malaysia... Anybody interested to eat any of the item below + dating / catching up with me?? Ok, lambat lagi sebenarnyer.. but dun care, nak list down gak! not in particular tho.. *drooling while writing this entry*
  1. Mee Jawa my mum *hi Mama*
  2. Kuzi daging/ayam my MIL *hi Ma*
  3. Nasi Dagang Ikan Tongkol
  4. Nasi Minyak
  5. Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng Setapak *Mali Angels*
  6. Char Kuay Tiow Setapak *Mali Angels*
  7. Double Cheeseburger McD
  8. Nasi Ayam Hailam Uptown/Ampang/BB
  9. Keropok Lekor
  10. Tom Yam Vicchuda Uptown/Kota Damansara *hi Tinie*
  11. Ikan Pari Bakar Tangling
  12. Laksa Penang
  13. Ikan Kerisi Asam Pedas
Now, the list of the food I never tasted before but I'm dying to try or the place/restaurant I want to go because of it's class, it's review, it's environment..etc etc
  1. Chocolate Volcanoes *hi Dalia*
  2. Nasi Beriyani Gam by Ozy's granny *hi Ozy*
  3. Burger Om, beside SPCA Ampang
  4. The Carat Club, Pavilion *hi Sasa**Juicy Angels*
  5. Harrods, KLCC *hi Jes**Juicy Angels*
  6. Look Out Point, Ampang

Wednesday, July 22

Latest Addiction

For the past few weeks, all my favorite series CSI:Vegas, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, Desperate Housewife, Groomer Has It - all ended with big finale. Now, I'm left with nothing to wait for every week *missing my weekly dosage, sob sob*. For weeks I've been watching Friends, That's 70's Show, Sex and the City over n over again. I even watched Paris's My new BFF altho telah dicarut oleh seseorang.. *tak dapat terima la series tuh* she said..ahahah..

Anyway, I'm presenting my new latest addiction called Drop Dead Diva! It is a story bout Debbie a shallow but beautiful model who has a fatal car accident and suddenly finds herself in front of Fred, the Heaven's gatekeeper. She attempts to persuade Fred to return her to her shallow existence but is accidentally relegated to the body of the recently deceased Jane, a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney. Debbie now have to live her life as Jane and even inherit Jane's IQ. Physically, from size 2 to size 14, go figure!

Just watched the 1st episode, can't wait for the 2nd one :)~

Ohhh! I have another addiction.. called Royal Pains! The story is about Hank, an ER doctor who loses everything ie fired, lawsuit againts him, fiancee leaving him. That's where his younger brother Evan steps in and convinces Hank to crash a party at the home of a Hamptons billionaire and when a guest falls critically ill, Hank saves the day. His dramatic medical rescue draws attention and soon Hank's phone starts ringing off the hook with patients demanding house calls. Accidentally, Hank has become the hot new 'concierge doctor' in town.

I managed to influence DH following this series too

So, activity tengok TV kembali berisi.. I'm waiting for premiere of latest season Project Runaway this coming 20th August!! :)

Tuesday, July 21

Niat terbantut

Niat nak update blog..
Tapi bila nak attach gambar, blogger hang..
Must be collaboration blogger n picasa tengah 'sesuatu'..
Nasib baik apa yang ditulis recover..
So, hari nih buat bodo jer..
Draft tu peram untuk esok or lusa la..

Nak update shopping blog pun tableh..
Peram jugak la gambar sexy Jennifer Aniston tuh..

Saturday, July 18

Zal & Zul, Congratulations!

Just wanna wish to the newlywed, Zal and her soulmate Zul.. congratulations & welcome to the club! Hehehe... May both of you have tonnes of happiness being married to each other. I always think your name is cute together, ZAL & ZUL for Zalina & Zul Azri..

Zul & Zal during their engagement day

Sigh~ I missed another my bestie's wedding.. Currently I'm wishing to have all the money in the world so that I can buy airtix to return to Malaysia. I'm sorry lovely Zal, *kiss kiss* to Cookiemon & Meena.

Friday, July 17


I can resist anything except tempation --> most often quote from Sasa.. Previously, I just brush her off everytime she said this.. but I know deep down she's right.. No point for me to stay in denial.. face the world, after all nobody is perfect..

I went shopping at the mall near my house yesterday.. Initial shopping list is just to buy a skincare for my MIL *pssst* she uses Clinique.. Ahhahah, the most unsuitable brand for me... As usual I was wondering around at skincare/makeup area then somebody approach me, the sales assistant it is...

Asking me whether I'm ok, or need any help.. I managed to grab what my MIL want so basically I'm good so I said everything's fine.. I continue window shopping, looking then from time to time she'll come to me, *pose hasut* and demn she's good! End up, I bought unnecessary stuff.

So the first item is Smith's Rosebud Salve.. Quote from the back of the product "may help to relieve chapped lips, chapped skin, diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns, rough cuticles and may soften rough hand" Of coz my brain only processed the word chapped skin & blemishes.. hehehhe.. On top of that, the gal also said that this salve can soothe Eczema skin.. not that I have one, but I'm impressed.. lalu membeli, dah la wangi, bau bunga rose.. Taperla, my lipbalm pun dah nak habes.. so boleh la guna this salve as lipbalm :)

The second item is Brow Definer by Anastasia. I never heard about this Anastasia brand but the sales assistant keep on saying that this Anastasia is famous. For years, she has shaped the brows of Hollywood's elite in her Beverly Hills Salon. Finally, she brings her brow products to commercial market. She's created her signature line to help us achieve beautiful brows at home kononnyer. So, urs truly termakan la hasutan lalu membeli.. ekekekeke... this brow definer consist of brow crayon to shape/darken it up and clear brow gel to tame the unruly brow.

P/s - tanak salahkan hormon, tapi pompuan memang camnih kan?

Thursday, July 16

Anon & Haters

Tetibe these past few days, banyak terbaca komen n chatbox at other blogs.. The normal one biasalah komen2, bergossip, q&a.. tapi mesti ada selingan2 HATERS ngan ANON2 yang mengutuk, mencarut, n god knows what else la.. Alhamdulilah, so far tader pulak haters or anon yang menempel dalam blog I ni.. tapi I totally can't understand what was in these haters/anon mind?

Firstly, perlu ker nak kutuk orang yang tak dikenali... Dah la tuan blog tuh tader kacau idup kau or sebuk suh kau baca blog dia.. ko sendiri yang pi masuk blog orang tuh kan? 2ndly, it's all about choice.. kalau kau tak suka penulisan orang tuh and kau nyampah bila baca or ko rasa dia over/gedik/bodo/pathetic/desperate ke apa ke.. u have the choice not to read it again.. y bother coming back from time 2 time & gigih bagi komen negative? Daripada ko buang masa baca blog orang ko nyampah tuh then ko sendiri saket ati.. baik ko baca online newspaper ker.. tader saket ati kau kan & tader saket ati orang yg ko kutuk tu kan?

Dah la kutuk kaw-kaw punya, pastuh guna Anon.. Nampak sangat takde telor.. brani cakap, tapi takut nak bertanggungjawab.. Bagi nasihat sket punya bagus, tapi if really ko tuh baik sangat.. there are ways untuk tego orang.. Nampak orang melayu pakai bikini tepek gambar dalam blog tetibe sound "tutup la aurat, ko bukan cantik pun.. muka pun macam #$%^&*" . Siap mencarut lagi, baik ke tu? There are better ways seperti email her personally with good words.. bukan kutuk camtuh.. I'm not supporting orang buat dosa, but I'm just not judgemental. Oh, pasal judgemental nih, kene meracau entry lain.. ahahhaha

These people choose to live their life negatively and spread all those bad vibe to others. Same as FB pun.. kalau kau nyampah ada one of your friend nih asek update ntah apa2.. tak perlu yer nak post wall2wall kutuk dia.. ko tak suka, either ko defriend jer dia or HIDE.. the hide function is there for a purpose ok!

I'm not that goodie2 type pun, I'm still a normal human being.. Slalu jer mengumpat kan? Example, M (bukan nama sebenar) a female friend of mine & not that close to me anyway.. M selalu mengaku dia adalah BWB (beauty wif brains) brains yer.. bukan brain.. so she ain't that smart u see.. but I choose not to ngumpat in front of her or harras her.. I'm just questioning & discussing facts about her with my close frens.. In a way I considered that as ngumpat jugak la.. If they r not available but I need to say sumthing I gossip bout it with DH jer..

Warning, it is still not cool to mengumpat yerrr!!! But at least it is one time only and ended there n then. Why I choose to do this bcoz, my negativity wiill spread to those who really close to me only.. I don't remit the bad aura to M herself.. at least I tak saketkan hati dia, sbb on the first place.. she didnt do anything bad to me.. Only me yang terasa "apersal minah nih camnih ar?"

So, I wud like to ended meracau2 here before I have my own haters following me around... ahaha.. Hopefully not! It is all about CHOICE people! Peace~

Tuesday, July 14

Smacking USD 1k :(

Received my medical bill - *sob sob* smacking USD 1k ++, not including consultation.. If sum up all, the total wud be, errr just say that I can buy LV Damier Ribera MM there n then! I have to pay first, later my insurance company will reimburse..

BUT! Haih~ What's wrong with me? Wake up!! I wrote my account number wrongly at my claim form? This is totally not me.. If u know me, I am very meticulous and have an eagle eye specially with details n number.. Wth? @)&^%$#$%^

Went to USPS monday morning to retrieve the envelope I sent last Saturday, they told me that the envelope now at New Jersey for international depart to Malaysia.. I guess I have to follow up the matter by a phone call n email.. Haih~ So, most probably delay on receiving the fund.. Grrrr~

Just not in the happy happy mode.. coz firstly, duit terbang.. not technically but still need to fork out my own money first + delay for reimburse fund. Secondly, how can I be this careless.. this is sooooo not me!!! *i'm officially mad at myself*

Monday, July 13

Muka Tembok

urs truly with Emperor Qin - the first China Emperor

Since we can't go to Beijing, we went to this place where DH said a sort off replacement for Tembok Besar Cina.. ada tembok, ada cina, besar jer tader.. Reluctantly I have to agree, ok la ada tembok.. ada cina jugak which is me! The place is managed by Mat Salleh so obviously features wise I'm more Chinese looking compared to them.

Dal >> I'm not Sabahan, I'm half Chinese *hi Nafisah Chong*

I'm too lazy to make a slide, am too lazy to upload album in FB too coz uploading the images to FB took ages.. at least uploading to Blog using Picasa is faster & easier.. No, I won't tepek like 100 picx here.. Only a few of it.. Enjoy~

urs truly in front of forbidden city, the replica one of coz!

chinese architecture - interlocking pieces? no nail or screw? wow!

Palace of Earthly Tranquility - home of the Empress
Heh? Maharani & Maharaja tak tinggal sekali rupanya
Maybe takut gundik-gundik lain jeles, elakkan adegan tarik2 rambut

pelakon-pelakon tambahan

Terra Cotta Army

me - happily joining the army squad.. heheh!

general? nope.. supervisor aka mando

last but not least, muka tembok.. LOL~

Saturday, July 11

Pour Homme

Hmmm.. *psst* Someone asked me, what I gave DH for anny.. Yup, I guess I didn't update on that.. I just story mory bout what he gave to me only, ek? I'm quite surprised actually, I mean there is somebody who read all my crap entry day after day.. Thank you, terharu pun ada.. So, here it is.. (altho crita dah basi n mood anniversary pun dah tader)

I gave him a diamond wedding ring.. I know certain people against men's wearing diamond ring *hi jes*, but DH loves it.. Diamonds are forever la kononnyer.. ececece... I mean not that I'm suggesting him wearing diamond eternity band, girlie looking ring or sumthing.. Look at this, altho it is with diamond (small one) but it is still masculine looking, no?

Why wedding ring after 2 years? Bcoz, this is the second wedding ring I gave to DH. The original one of coz during our wedding day, gambar pun masa jadi hantaran lagi.. but DH lost it.. Maybe the ring also didn't want him to be its owner coz he keeps on complaining that the ring is bulky & a bit heavy. Since I got the chance to buy him a 2nd one.. I religously search for a slimmer & lighter one.

Friday, July 10

Fake American Accent?


Firstly, my english is always Manglish.. I admit that! All this while I've tried my best to speak in proper english with correct grammar. Being a local graduate, my english is just a so-so.. nothing 2 be proud of.. I always believe I'm an average (maybe I'm not, maybe I really sux at it) With that average English, I got my first job before I grad as Customer Service Exec with an International Bank. So, I guess the interviewers didn't realized my broken English kot?

on, I switched job and landed at bigger International Bank.. Sorie, I always have sumthing againts Local Bank *hi Eon Bank*.. Promotion, Department Transfer, Internal Transfer, Local Projects, International Migration Projects.. inside and outside Malaysia.. I work closely with Malaysians, Americans, Brits, Japanese, Hongkies, Singaporeans, Indians etc etc. I'm in Treasury world, forex is everything! Ouh, I can't work with French coz I don't understand their English.. they do understand me tho.. ahahha

No problem back then.. We can communicate relatively well. Now, I'm at States... I have no problem to communicate with them face 2 face. After all this is not my first time living outside Malaysia. By mean living is not visiting for 1 or 2 weeks or so...

My only problem is now, Americans don't understand my Manglish accent on the phone!! Arghhhh bl**dyh*ll...So, exactly 1/2 an hour ago.. I make a call with a fake American accent... with my highest hope they could understand me better.. Or shud I write.. beddeRRR instead of better?

I feel wanna puke hearing myself speaks with American accent! uwek uwek.. Geli weih! English hampes tapi ada slang.. plastic sangat! tak koserrr!

Wednesday, July 8

Awas! Chef Ganas..

Ganas tak? Chopping board pun terbelah dua, so how? Masak ke karate ni? Sungguh ganas chef nih.. isk isk.. Chef tuh sebenarnyer tak ganas.. chopping board tuh yang tak berkualiti :P

Monday, July 6

4th of July Celebration

Merdeka? Usually if merdeka 31st August.. The next day I am expecting a big fat birthday present from DH.. Since merdeka day here is 4th July.. I still claim my birthday present the next day, not in serious manner tho.. However, he got me a small 'pressie' anyway.. thank you for 'searching' for it bebeh!

Just wanted to talk bout my 4th of July celebration.. Nothing much just watching an extravagant musical fireworks. Previously, I really wanted to go to Putrajaya for MIFC 2007 (Malaysia International Fireworks Competition) but we are stuck at traffic jam near the Putrajaya mosque at precint 1 until end of the show.. sangat hampa ok! MIFC 2008 - saw a glimpse of it during a flight from KB to KLIA.

Finally 2009, saw it far away from Putrajaya.. I still think that traffic dispersion at Putrajaya sux big time. Anyway, I'm really impressed with the collaboration between the music and the fireworks.. Example, during the song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.. The fireworks are in smiley shapes, ain't that cute? hihihih.. well, at least I think it's cute! Oh, and during VivaLaVida by Coldplay.. the fireworks pusing2 spiral like dancing together with the catchy music.. lovely~

I realized that I babble a lot in this blog.. So, I'm gonna stop now.. enjoy the picx.. the fireworks picx are taken by me, not DH.. We always carry 2 cameras (one his, one mine).. by the way, I am so proud that I managed to take better picture compared to him.. first time ni! lalalala~

candid.. jap jap.. rambut serabai nih, angin tiup!

ok.. dah redi *smile*
the triplets
the blue ones~
the orange ones
the colorful ones :)~

Saturday, July 4

Word Verification

Eiiiiiii!!!! I really hate this word verification thingy.. doesn't matter at auction website, blog comment or online shopping.. just simply sux.. I know the word verification is important to reduce spam, reduce auto-generate bidder, decrease hacking watsoeva.. but can somebody make it easier?

At times I feel like to click the handicap button (usually in blue) so that I can hear the letter then type it?! Never tried it but maybe someday. I aks DH earlier whether he's having any problem on identifying each n every letter, but he said wif confidence tahap dewa.. "tader problem pun"

Grrrr~~ So, am I the only one who's facing such problem or I'm just simply retarded bcoz I can't identify it? Anybody penah encounter the same thing like me? At least share it with me bcoz I am almost believing that I am pure retarded!

What I did usually, I will refresh IE button (or press F5) so that a new (or easier) word verification pop up... Hehehe.. Anyway, if I am confident with my answer (but it is actually wrong) - no harm done.. they will ask me to verify again.. I am officially annoyed now!

errr ok..what is this?

the easy one.. AURAVE

confusing one.. is it a v or r? the letter have been streched left, right, up, down.. how shud i know the exact letter then?

Friday, July 3

My Sales Blog

I lurve shopping so much but I don't have all the money in the world. So, now I'm chanelling my interest to help all of you out there.. by shopping on behalf of others, I still can satisfy my crazeee and my drooling over so many designer items out there. Anyway, stuff from US is way cheaper if compared to prices at Malaysia.

I lurve travelling too, but as usual I need lotsa $$$. I hope I can make extra money out of this blog too.

I will
charge small fee as my service fee, but no worries it all included in the price that I've quoted. Feel free to visit my sales blog. Happy shopping & I hope at least u enjoy browsing the pictures. I took the pictures by myself, no copyright without permission ok :P

Invite Invite Banana

Out of nowhere, teringat bout this.. This conversation happened between my sis and her eldest son, Harris while we are having breakfast at my parent's house 3 or 4 years back. By the way, he is very talkative and memang banyak tanya..

Harris: Mommy, mommy.. kita makan apa nih?
My sis: Nihhh nama dia jemput jemput pisang..
Harris: Ooooo (took his plate & start eating in front of Tv)

After a while, he came back at the dining table

Harris: Mommy! Sedap la.. Mommy buat ke ni?
My sis: MakTok yang buat
Harris: Ooo.. kenapa mommy x penah buat?
My sis: Nanti mommy buat kat umah yer...
Harris: Apa nama dia tadi?
My sis: Jemput jemput pisang...
Harris: Apa nama dia in english?
My sis: Mommy tak tau larrrr
Harris: Harris nak citer kat Harris punya fwen! Dia x tau ckp Melayu
My sis: Harris cakap jer 'jemput jemput pisang'
Harris: Tak bolehhhhh! She speaks English onlyyyy!
My sis: Errrr.. baru mommy ingat.. Nama dia 'Invite Invite Banana'
Harris: Semula..semula
My sis: Invite invite Banana..
Harris: Ooo, Invite invite Banana (trying hard 2 remember)

The rest of us waited Harris out from dining hall, and we started laughing like hell! Boleh tak?? Tipu sunat my sis said.. She also explained that Harris really likes this Mat Salleh girl at his pre-school. That's why he insisted to know everything in English.

Thursday, July 2

My First Curry Mee :)

end result :)~

bahan-bahan tambahan

i tader mee, so guna spaghetti jer :P

berenang-renang fishball i *hiks*

Alar, masak mi kari pun kecoh! Ahahah.. Bangga la sebab first time buat, terus menjadi (DH puji boleh buat lagi).. Kalau dah 2-3 kali masak mi kari, tader makna la nak cerita, tangkap gambar segala.. Harus jadi macam entry ulang tayang jer. Kalau nak masak untuk 2-3 orang *hi jes*, cut half the recipe. Recipe diceduk dari blog hantumakan aka Dalia bebeh!


8 shallots --> dapur I tader shallot, I guna Onion jer
3 cloves garlic
2 stalks lemongrass
1cm fresh tumeric --> tader fresh kunyit, hentam serbuk kunyit ja
12 dried chillies
*blend together all of these*

cooking oil --> untuk menumis
salt to taste
2tbsp curry powder
200ml thick coconut milk
300ml 2nd coconut milk --> tade santan kelapa, I guna serbuk santan
tauhu --> tade tauhu jua, mari abaikan jer
300g prawns, chicken or even fish --> I guna prawn & daging (beef)
a bowl of fish ball & fish cakes --> tader fishcake, tp I byk fishball :)
noodles of ur choice - blanched --> br tau blanched maksud dia lecur
bean sprouts, sawi - blanched
spring onion - sliced finely

  1. Heat up the bowl of oil in a large pot and pour in the blended ingredients when the oil is hot. Add the curry powder, salt and let it simmer until the oil resurfaces again, pecah minyak
  2. Add coconut milk - both thick and second milk - and let the gravy cook until it simmers. Kalau guna serbuk santan (like me), pandai2 la bajet dengan tengok kaler kuah tuh serta kelikatan/kepekatan kuah..
  3. Add the prawns, chicken or fish or all three if you like and other ingredients.
  4. Once the prawns are cooked, take the gravy off the fire and ladle it over the yellow noodles or the rice noodles or even rice vermicelli, bean sprouts and sprinkle it with spring onions before tucking in.

P/s - I like my curry me to be a bit sourish.. perah la limau kasturi sesedap rasa.. Tapi I tader limau kasturi or limau nipis.. So, I pakai lemon *hi jamie oliver*

Wednesday, July 1

Happy Anniversary, Sayang~

My life is so full, so wonderful.. simply because of you.. I love u Sayang! Happy Anniversary bebeh~ Looking forward for many years to come! It has been 2 years since we say 'I do' and 6 years since our first date at Plaza Damas.. I'm still nuts bout you.. Hehehe :P

Ouh yes, kami kawen the same date as our first date which is 30th June.. an act so that we don't have to remember so many dates - anniversary, birthdate, driving license expired, roadtax expired, passport expired.. In a way tade la SEBUK nak celeb8 anny je kan?

then - wedding photoshoot, outdoor session

now - masih hangat bercinta di taman bunga :P