Thursday, June 4

Wedding Wishes to Jes & Hadi

Jes & Hadi, Congratulations on your wedding. Hopefully everything will go smoothly on the reception day this coming Sunday. Embrace your new role, share your thoughts together, be each other bestfriend & just be yourself, please do not pretend to be someone else (it wont work that way). The most important thing (at least to me) don't ever 'mengungkit' the past. Forgive & forget, make love not war.. seriously!! *wink wink*

To Hadi >> Remember to throw the trash on daily basis :P

Toast to the newlyweds, Jes & Hadi

I'm am truly sorry Farris & I can't make it to your solemnization, can't make it to your reception either. Anyway, Farris is so happy u spell his name correctly. Erm, that's bcoz my frens always spell his name as Fariz, Faris and the worse is 'Aritha & Partner'.

Wah!! My mood for today is so different compared to yesterday. Lovey dovey mood *kiss kiss* *hugs* *lovestruck*. My dear friend, just enjoy your new married life. As for me, I lurveeee being married. It is so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. I love u sayang~ :P


  1. hahaha, well said, well said.. married is all that u wrote above, termasuk the 'annoy' the rest of life part, hehehe, ain't love funny..:)

  2. alarrr, kita annoy dia.. dia pun annoy kita balik kan? :P

  3. wah, baru 1st time tgk muka hadi. mcm taset jugak. tak sabar nak tgk jess dan hadi bersanding ahad ni...leh usha hadi, ley ? hehheh

    jgn marah jess, u menten cantik....

    sila refer zaman u di utp dan zaman u skrg ni, jess

    dulu u konsep, piano. skrg ni...u dh konsep, biola katanya.....

    i je menten konsep drum....lambat lagi nak konsep, gitar, ley ?

    matgilah mabuk

  4. izzu, ko x penah jumpa eh hadi? ada la dia dtg masa party kat umah aku

  5. hahahaha...izzu sungguh menghiburkan...i suke baca comment izzu~

  6. aritha~ i love you~ thanks so much 4 the wishes. :) appreciate it. sgt berhrp kau dpt dtg. really. havoc sgt derang ni. it would be so much more fun if u were around. tp xpe. xde rejeki. cant wait 2 c u when u get back!

    p/s : farris, dh lame aku tau eja nama kau since aku pnh tny aritha ari dulu tu. aku igt sampe skang sbb aku dinch org slalu eja nama aku slh (jasmine, jesmine, yasmin etc). so aku make an effort to spell others names properly. :)