Thursday, June 18

Waiting Game

No, it's not a game at all.. I hate waiting for a parcel to arrive.. correction, not a parcel but 3 parcels. Most of the time, the excited feeling overpowering the anxious cum bored feelings of mine. It's not a surprise anyway coz I know the items inside all of it.

  1. My new skincare routine, using FEDEX courier.. according to tracking number, esok sampai la. I'm trying this new skincare actually, I have no issue with my current skincare.. in fact it did a good job moisturize my super dry desert like skin *pose kemarau*.. I missed my skin when I'm at KL, no issue, not that dry, acne once in a while during 'that' time of the month.. but now my skin is just dull, tak berseri katanya.. try je la..mana la tau cantik berseri pasnih.. I've tried tonnes of other brand, seme x jalan..menci! The 2 worst product for me are Origins & Clinique, my skin merekah mcm tanah kering kontang pakai this 2 brand, saket sangat.. I wore routine for a dry skin - so no bullshyt saying wrong skintype watsoeva, maybe just simply tak sesuai la.
  2. Dress & top during my online shopping, using UPS courier.. according to tracking number, currently the parcel is at Philadelphia.. Jauhnyer, dah la UPS nih tak letak estimated delivery.. Basically I have no idea when the parcel will arrive. Frankly speaking, I accidentally bought em.. That's the danger of online shopping, tekan2 jer dah terbeli.. If u never buy anything from the website then shouldn't be any problem.. but this is not my first time buying from that site.. I have account there so they stored my info (shipping add, email, phone number, debit/credit card) in their database... purely my mistake or lack of attention perhaps? Luckily I got the size correct, and baju2 yang berkenan.. ahahah.. I have a friend *hi eefei* yang penah terbeli digicam from CANON website.. tekan2 terus terbeli... Just pointing out that I'm not alone & things just happen ok? :P
  3. My Burberry Nova Check wallet *credit to Sasa & her kaklong* courier by Airsure way from London.. no tracking number, no PO number.. merasa x tau apa jadi kat parcel tuh.. just tunggu jer la (nama entry pun waiting game.. duh~).. tak sabar nak pakai wallet baru.. hehe.. I've been using my current wallet since early 2005.. beli guna duit gaji lepas grad.. dah 4 tahun lebih, lama tahan woo, berbaloi gila.. up till now, tiada koyak, tiada rabak, tiada lobang... just that the color from black/white, now dah jadi grey/khakis...blend jer pulak tuh.. ahaha.. u get what I mean? gila sezen dah, tapi masih boleh berbakti.

Erm, that's all.. Let's continue waiting leyyy *pose tunggu dengan sabar*


  1. yer tepat sekali.. item no 1 dah sampei.. nak start bercantek2.. eh are-t, lupa nak ckp are-t semakin menipis.. cayalah! *jeles*

  2. nanti bila wallet dah sampai tolong paparkan gambarajah yer

  3. dal, thanks a lot sbb offer nak tolong belikan (offer ker?).. kat sini mahal harga dia.. lepas convert..malaysia lg murah, dats y i suh my buddy belikan kat London.. beli kat butik sbb outlet tader choice.. kalau ada pun buruk..