Saturday, June 13

Scary Garlic :-[

Look what I found in the kitchen while cooking... It is garlic in a garlic!! Each and every cloves of this particular garlic looking like picx below.. pelik woo~

scary looking garlic :-[

I didn't use the garlic for cooking at all.. I just threw it away coz it is quite scary. It reminds me of an image from my kiddies book when I was 5 years old bout one eyed green giant went AMOK in a village bcoz he's hungry of porridge or sumthing?? can't remember the reason why he's gone berzerk but I definitely remembered the image of the giant from the illustration.. hehehe

the illustration looks like this.. seriously :-[


  1. garlic nih mmg scarry.. hahaha, mcm the underworld thingy..:)

  2. tuh la.. takut ok nak masak dia.. dah terpikir pas makan jd mutant lak

  3. menggelikan la garlic ni..mcm lucah pun ade..wek wek..