Friday, June 12

New Addition 2 the Family

Hafiz Hakimi

10 June 2009 @ Hospital Pantai Bangsar.. officially I'm poorer by RM50 during every raya.. ahahah *oooppps* Alhamdulilah, my sis delivered a healthy 3.2kg babyboy.

Erm, just by looking picx that Ayong MMS to me.. My prediction, this boy adalah tinggi, putih kemerah-merahan (pink?), mulut cumilll jer.. Just like his abangngoh, Haziq. Abanglong dia, Harris is tall as well, but in terms of features a bit different and his skin tone is putih kekuning-kuningan (kuning langsat?). I attached together their picx for reference.

Harris (abanglong) & Haziq (abangngoh)

Haaa! Ni close up picx of Haziq (abangngoh)
same features as the newborn, rite? no? or all babies lookalike?


  1. aaawww, yer sis got another boy?..:).. say congrate to her kay.. heheh..

  2. itulah dalia, belah my side all 4 nephew.. tader niece.. nasib baik hubby's side ada 5 nieces (going to 6) & 3 nephews.. baju babygal lg cantek la.. ada jacket, skirt, hairband.. babyboy manade hairband? :P

  3. cuhmel ke cina? muahahah --> isk kutuk nephew sendiri