Wednesday, June 17

Mari berangan~

Pre-fall 2009 Collection - Chloé Paddington Padlock Satchel

I lurveeee the latest color of Chloé Paddy.. They have few other colors, but these two really caught my eye, specially the gray one. ^_^ I can't afford it now.. but I can drool over it for days, weeks, months, rite? There's nothing wrong bout it & I won't kacau anyone by daydreaming during my leisure time. After all I have all the time in the world. Maybe if I save up in few months time, I can buy it? *daydreaming mode*

The beauty come with a big price tag as well, USD1875! Woohoo... Now let's convert it to MYR.. (USD1875 + 8.25% tax) x 3.53 (today fx rate) = MYR7165.. apakah?? By the way, this cute paddy is still in my wishlist! The standard price for paddy is around USD1500.. coz this is the new collection, so that's why it is more expensive.

But then, if I have the money that I can easily spent on anything, I rather go for a vacay.. Bring my parents to Beijing, Forbidden City, Great wall of China.. ooooooh, I just got the idea after looking at Are-T's picx in FB.. mesmerizing scenery! *berangan lagi*

2007's collection - Paddy in croc's skin

Move on to Chloé Paddy Satchel in Croc's skin.. real croc's skin! The designers are soooo over with calf, deer, oink2, ostrich leather, whatsoeva, etc.. They are now slaughtering crocs to transform into a bag. Can you guess the price? I tell u what, when I know the price.. I almost fainted, seriously *pitam, sedar, pitam balik*

It is smacking USD12,880!!!! Wth?? In US, a brand new Toyota Yaris Sedan (Toyota Vios) is cheaper than this bloody handbag. Wanna try to convert it to MYR?? Around MYR49,217!! Merasa.. Boleh beli sebijik kereta buatan Malaysia yang sux!!


  1. ita mmg minat hbag ek...saya mintak gak..cuma kalau dah rega > sebijik keta..then..i go for a car..lg berbaloi kan..heheh

  2. in this case, kereta lagi berbaloi.. tengok gambar beijing are-t kat fb.. tengok henbeg dulu.. ahaha.. mula2 tgk, eh rajinnya bawak 2 henbeg jalan2.. hari nih kuning, esok brown.. bila perati betul2.. rupernyer mak punya henbeg.. hehehe

  3. hi ita..again tq 4 the visiting..and ur morale support..very appreciate it so much..btw , I know this chloe and this type of handbag design. You know why?because wayne rooney gave a birthday present to his girlfriend and now his wife la kan, si coleen..this bag in year 2007..

  4. yg i maksudkan tu yg 2 atas tu bukan yg crocodile skin tu..hehehe

  5. paddy type nih dah lama klua.. few years back... tp 2 color nih belum klua lagi.. this coming fall baru klua.. well at least to US market la.. x tau la kat Europe dah klua awal.. eh, tayah la nak ckp thanks.. sbb ur blog link mmg ada kat diari kurus.. that's y i visit

  6. hhaha ye ke?i visit blog kurus rarely so i tak amik port sgt..dh bersalin br nk join betul2..hehhee