Thursday, June 11

Low Side Ponytail

- Jessica Simpson - Lauren Conrad - Hayden Panettiere -

I really loves this type of hairdo, simple yet chic & sleek. Doesn't matter if the hairdo's come with bangs, no bangs or side swept parting.. it still have glam effect and at the same time neat. No matter what type of hair u have, straight like Jessica's or wavy like Lauren's & even goldilocks like Hayden's, this style look good no matter how no matter what (well at least to me).

However, I never had a chance to style my hair like this. Reason being, by the time my hair reach mid-lenght.. I will start thinking cutting it short. The same thing happened again and again, and the reasons also are the same.. rimas, panas & dah boring, nak rambut pendek balik.

To pull off this look, definitely u need 2 have long hair to get the soft locks effect. If not, it will be a bit weird looking as if ur hair is 'kejung' & nampak keras. Currently, I'm thinking of cutting my hair (again~) but I really want to style this hairdo badly. So, the only way beside hair extension (wic is not an option) is I need to keep my hair long!!

Ohhhh, it is so hot here & becoming hotter.. Now, the temp is around 32C (90F) and around August it will become like 40C (105F).. Jeez, I wonder.. can I resist the temptation to cut my hair short? Let the challenge begin!! Hmmpph!

One thing for sure, I know DH will be happy to know that I'm not cutting my hair. Kalau rambut curL curL lagi la suka kan? Siap tolong pintal hujung2 rambut tuh.. I wonder why men prefer longer hair? Sexier kah?

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