Thursday, June 25

The Kevins

Initially I'm supposed to do sumthing else on Monday afternoon.. Since we can't proceed and DH already took half day off, might as well we catch a back2back movie. 2 thumbs up for both movies.. UP and The Proposal.. very entertaining :)

We arrived at the cinema around 2.45pm.. And the next available for The Proposal is at 3.50pm and UP at 3.40.. However, there is a special 3D digitally enhanced for UP at 2.50pm. Why bother wasting time, so we bought the tix at sligtly higher price. This is my first 3D movie, please bear the jakunness :P

Okayyy.. so 3D is a bit real, u feel like to touch & touch those binatang2..ahhaha.. if u didnt wear the special 3D glasses, the picx will be a bit blur.. So whether u like it or not, u have to wear it. I recommend this movie for family outing.. Sesuwai untuk kanak2 but if u are an adult u won't be hampa either coz it's funny and have love sentiment as well.

For the official UP movie trailer, please click here and pay attention at minutes 1:38 till 1:43.. U can see KEVIN!! Kevin is my fav character, the giant tropical bird. Kevin is a she by the way, ahahaha. This bird went gaga over a chocolate bar.. eheheh.. if u want to know more about Kevin, click here for the snippet from the movie. Oh, if u watch this movie later, pay extra attention to Kevin's expression... she's cute.

Dug (the dog), Kevin (the bird), Russel & Carl Frederickson

Then, at 4.50pm we watched The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock yang comel. Sweet n cute movie, not that vomiting romantic but still a lil bit of romantic towards the end. And Ryan's family has a pet dog named Kevin.. Wah~ another Kevin! I have no idea what breed is that but she is white & fluffy. She went gaga over Margaret (Sandra) and will bark if anybody said the word 'Margaret'.

Kevin the dog harrasing Margaret, that is Sandra's leg btw

For the official movie trailer, please click here. Ermmm, another thing.. since this movie is rated as PG-13, nudity content is included and u can have a good view of Ryan's butt and Sandra's butt.. @_@ --> mata buntang...kekekek... Not sure whether it is theirs or the double? But then, if it is rated as 18PL at Malaysia pun.. konfem scene itu akan dipotong :P


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, double movie eh.. hehe, tau bout 'the proposal' sandra and ryan..(achewah, macam jiran la pulok..).. hehehe..but 'up' never heard of it yet nanti akan ku bawa anaks ku pergi menonton bila sampai yek.. :)

  2. ryan kan ex bf kita jugak kan? ahaha selepas jamie oliver.. nigella lawson pun kawan baik masa tadika :P

  3. haha, tak shilap lagi, mmg kita dok dekat neighborhood dorang, hahahaha