Sunday, June 7

I want 2 b a bridesmaid

We have some sort of unofficial pact few years back. I don't have lotsa female girlfriends back in Uni years bcoz my guyfriends also act like a girlfriends, opppsss.. if u know what I mean.. hehehe.. oh tak paham ker? well let me put this way, I'm comfortable with girlie guy or at least they are comfortable with me.. doink~
  1. With LE**, If I'm still single by the age 35.. I will marry him.. He's one year younger so that makes him 34. Turn out he's more girlie than me.. Even wearing baju kurung to kenduri, my gosh and all those makcik2 can't tell that he is actually a man.. So I need to do backup.. New pack it is! (no 2)
  2. With KAT***G, If we're still single by the age of 35.. We will tie the knot. I am comfortable with him & vice versa. Anyway, I met DH and we tie the knot when I was 25 years old. So there goes our pack, status - invalid. Little that I know he's jealous & sad. I only knew bout his feeling when I blurt out that I'm jealous he's going to tie the knot this coming Oct & he finally share bout it to. Anyway, we are still good friends until now. :)
  3. This pack between urs truly, Sasa & Jes. We agree that Sasa will be my bridesmaid, I will be Jez's bridesmaid & Jes will be Sasa's bridesmaid. We only have each other sbb kitorang jer woman sejati.. the rest are girlie guy.. keh keh keh
This entry is a response entry for pact no 3. Erm.. how to write this? Well, I want 2 b a bridesmaid.. I want 2 be there and feel that I'm the most important person , errr after her hubby & family of coz. Bottom line, I'm jealous :(

As planned before, Sasa did a greatttt job as my bridesmaid 2 years back. I can't thank her enuff for that. Minus the panic she caused when her bridesmaid baju ada bintik2 hitam (which I cant see anyway), 2 days before my reception. Sampai kene buat conference call between urs truly-her-Irwan untuk tenangkan dia. Lawak tul!

Last year during bukak puasa gathering, Jes spilled out that she's getting married and she wants me to become her bridesmaid. I am so honored, but I have to tell her upfront that I'm going to Houston. I remain as Jez's bridesmaid untill last March when I said, I really can't make it to her wedding. So she appointed Sasa to fill the empty place. Dont worrie, Sasa tak kecik hati.. she knows about it all along and I even said that she definitely going 2 replace me before Jez's appointed her officially.

As I'm writing this entry, Sasa now is at Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda bertugas as Jez's bridesmaid. Thanks to the technology *hi blackberry*, I feel like I'm there too. Talking to the bride & bridesmaid.. well, talk to the bridesmaid only but I heard the bride's laughter tho (she's bz with the makeup btw), YM with them & she even posted few picx at FB. Thanks Sasa & am truly sorry Jez's - cant be there with you guys.

Jeeeeezzzz, nowadays punya technology.. Altho YM off, u can still reach the person 24/7. I'm quite surprised when I woke up *mamai* this morning, DH whispered to me saying... "Sayang, sasa is looking for you, she used BB messenger to reach u". I can't think that time, I just smiled. I miss u Sasa, no doubt about it.

Now, what will happened during Sasa's big day? It seems that Me n Jes dah start berebut & melobi nak jadi bridesmaid to Sasa. Not that she have the exact date yet, but the day will come. As per pack, it shud be Jez's turn but I wannabe be a bridesmaid also! Never got the chance 2 b one. Guess what, Sasa promised she will do 2 reception!! So tader gadoh2 berebut.. No worries, 3 of us are BFF.. gadoh pun manja2 jer.. I love both of u.. muahs muahs.

bridesmaid & bride - upload by bridesmaid for my speacial viewing
Sasa, Farris cakap "macam kenal je bridesmaid tuh"


  1. u ols....harus i simpan duit dari sekarang nak kene buat 2 receptions kata nya..tak jadi lah i nak buat combine reception both bride and motif aku berangan...ntah bile nak kawen pun tatau lagi *pose kesat air mata*
    anyway, tadi ikzal bagitau, dia lagi suke combination i dgn best man time wedding u *hi buja*

  2. tetibe rasa nak post gambar u n buja pakai baju kaler pink tuh.. boleh kah?

  3. wow ... i terharu smbil nanges 3 titik, ley?

    yall, sasa sgt vast ye masa jesz pose atas pelamin.. i plak sentap tetibe.

  4. Itak, cekdeh tau masa tgk jesz tgh siap, ala2 mengenangkan the end of an era gitew

  5. i sentip nampak gambar katong dgn suraya..bley?

  6. sasa, i jd bridesmaid masa nikah. aritha jd masa reception. ok ke? *matila self appointed*

  7. jes.. sasa kene wat 2 reception, lagi ada malam berinai n nikah.. so ada 4 occasion.. 2 kau, 2 aku.. mari start melobi~