Monday, June 22

Happy Father's Day

Warning: Ini adalah entry basi.. Duk berkulat dalam draft since last Sunday. I dun care, I want to publish it no matter what coz I've written it.. Tader la panjang mana, tapi tetap ada usaha kan? Finally I manage to grab a picx of papa & abah in the external HD. I can't find the external HD before which resulted the delay.. hehehe

my papa & my abah

Wishing all fathers out there specially to my papa & my abah.. Happy Father's Day. When we’re young, we take for granted all the things our father does. I am so guilty of that. I wish I can turn the clock and be a better daughter. Thank you for your unconditional love and undying protective nature towards me.

Papa - you are my biggest hero.. I love u :)

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