Tuesday, June 2

Half day @ Orchard

We had tonnes of fun at the King's Orchard until we realized that our strawberries have been stolen *motif curik?*. We (read: me only) was very upset bcoz the perampok stole our strawberries and replace it with their strawberries which are not as ripe as ours. I don't mind if he/she stole it but replacing it? Eiiii, pelis la!! I know you are not as genius as we are bcoz u din noe how to pick good strawberries but replacing it.. hmm, complete retarded. Obviously we dun want to pay for unripe strawberries, no?

My mood dah ke laut, but DH manage to pull me back to the surface by assuring me that there are plenty of good strawberries at the other side.. demn, he was right. Altho we have to redo the picking (read: extra time under hot sun) but we manage to pick more strawberries compared to before. To the perampok, orang busuk hati memang slalu rugi. By the way, we picked small to medium size strawberries because as per my reaserch earlier, the smaller one is more flavorful! Tak sesia I've done my lil research coz turn out.. all our strawberries are very sweeeett & best :)

Not a big fan of blackberry tho coz they have lotsa biji & not that sweet. It seems that the thorny variety is not as sweet as the thornless one. However, the thornless one need another 2 weeks to ripen. So we just picked for the sake of eating fresh blackberry (read: jakun) from thorny bushes. DH quote "blackberry is better in hand not for eating" referring to BB smartphones it is. :P

Our hasil tangkapan for the day are 2 pounds of blueberries, 1 pound of strawberries & 0.5 pound of blackberries!! Tak achieve KPI pekebun berjaya pun.. Hehehe.. Enjoy the picx, one thing for sure.. I did!!


  1. I pun jakun (read: jeles)tengok u picking all those berries...bestnyeee...

  2. besh gila ektiviti.. hahah.. nak ikut..:)

  3. tu ar..tp betul gk..blackberry is better in hand, not for eating..heheh

  4. eyda >> jakun sbb first time.. the enxt time, sure dah x brapa eksaited dah
    dalia >> sangat panas.. rasa nak pitam jap
    are-t >> definitely true