Tuesday, June 16

Early Anniverssary Pressie :D

Thank you sayang.. Love It Love It Love It!!!

I love it so much.. As you mentioned before, you were thinking bout buying me Tiffany's Keys Pendant + Chain.. but you didn't.. wiser choice coz frankly speaking I prefer the pressie you bought me rather than the Tiffany's. Coz the Tiffany's is sterling silver while the pressie is gold clasp + pearly pearly :)~

he thot of buying me this - Tiffany's keys necklace

instead he got me this - 18 inch pearl with gold clasp :)~

I got the anniversary pressie early actually.. There is a story behind it.. KANTOI big time.. We went shopping last Saturday.. as usual we split once arrived at the mall coz we have different interest and he is so not going to COACH again.. Few weeks back, he told me if I want a necklace for anny and show me a necklace with Citrine pendant picture online.. Of course I was excited... So during shopping when we unite.. below conversation took place

Me: Sayang~ tanak gi jewelery store ker, shopping necklace saya
DH: *buat bodo*
Me: Kata nak belikan saya necklace?
DH: Tanak ah!! *sambil wat muka protest*
Me: *muka sedeh* sambil bebel2

Little that I know, at that point of time.. DH already bought me the necklace and his ignorance towards me is not an act, just that he don't want to go to the jewelery shop AGAIN takut KANTOI dengan sales associate there.

So, we head back.. In the car, I have mixed feelings - obvious reason , DH ignore me when I ask him to go to jewelry shop.. Tiba2 dia emergency brake and guess what?? The jewelry box SLIDE OUT from under the car seat! Dah la jewelry box tuh ada stamp kedai - btw, ZALES tuh macam HABIB JEWEL kat Malaysia la.. When I saw it, I just laugh my ass out!! Baeeek punya kantoi, dah la sorok bawah seat kereta.. Just imagine my feelings that time, I feel like on top of the world coz b4 that sah sah la sedeh baru lepas kene ignore kan..

To sayang, u really surprised me... Altho not the right moment u've imagine but It's perfect moment! Plus extra brownie points bcoz I was feeling down & just with that my feelings flip to the other side.. Lovely~ I LOVE U SAYANG~


  1. waaaa, so sweet.. :).. buleh tak tumpang jiwang skali sambil bayang my hubby dude buat surprise too, hahaha.. anny kitorang pun coming..

  2. sila tumpang jiwang.. kalau nak lg bes campur dengan berangan skali.. kalau entry berangan letak dlm blog.. satu hari Ita update 10 kali kot :P

  3. itak, cube kau tanye farris dol, sape yang bagi dia idea beli hadiah tu...*pose menanti jawapan*

  4. dia ada crita kau yg bg idea.. lupa plak nak mention dlm entry.. sbb aku sebuk tulis pasal kotak menggelungsur tuh.. ahahha *thanks sasa*

  5. ouh, lupa nak cakap.. awas! cikki i dgn u dah jd BFF.. i jeles ok.. bukan jeles sbb perempuan lain (u la tuh) baik dgn cikki i.. tp jeles sbb u replace dia ganti tempat I as ur BFF *pose sentip*