Saturday, June 27


Sumthing to share.. This email written by a close friend of mine..
I hope after reading this post..
Your stomach muscle will cramp like mine too.. hehehe :P


I baru lepas kentut dgn tenang & bau sgt busuk!
Nasibla duduk bilik sorang2
Ah~~~ lega~

Dulu I penah kentut busuk2
pastu tetibe ade org masuk.HORROR ye

Aku tgk muke org tu berubah & dah jadi lain sket.
Sbb die bukan jenis yg mulut cilaker “oi kau kentut ek?”
Die jenis pompuan yg baik2, sopan gitew.
Tp mmg muke dh kerut2

Aku ckp dlm hati “cepatla keluar”


Forgot to tell u guys...
I gelak sampai nangis.. perut mmg cramp!

I nak pegi BEIJING! again~

What? Beijing again? ngeeeeeee.. Something bout me u shud know.. if I want a particular thing, I will talk bout it again n again n again (example, burberry & beijing).. siaran ulangan macam radio rosak, menyanyi2 at DH.. siannnn dia, dapat wifey gila camnih..

Me: Sayang! Meh la sini *ajak DH duk depan my laptop*
DH: Naper nyer?
Me: Meh laaa.. nak tunjuk sumthing
DH: *datang n duduk beside me*
Me: Tengok ar gambar kawan saya, dia gi Beijing! *tunjuk gambar*
DH: *paksarela tengok gambar dlm album FB*
Me: Ni gambar dia kat great wall..cantik giler!
DH: Ermmmmm..
Me: Langit biru gila, then hutan tuh hijau jer.. Nak gi Beijing gak!
DH: Tayah la, susah nak makan la.. nanti seme kedai pun ada babi
Me: X ar, ada masjid ada halal restaurant *sambil tunjuk gambar*
DH: Oh, ye ker?
Me: nak gi Beijinggggggg~

Being silly me, I've started browsing air tix.. ground pacakges.. berangan je lebih.. I even started browsing bout Kota Kinabalu, Kundasang & Pulau Gaya!! Over ok, tetibe jer.. Saya mmg kuat berangan.. it's free n it makes me happy.. get it? Later of the day...

Me: Not worth it la travel from here to Beijing
DH: Tau taper, kita gi later la.. bila kita dah balik Malaysia
Me: Ok arr... *muka sedeh*
DH: Kita gi #$%& nak x? Ada tembok, ada cina, besar je tade
Me: Ahahha.. Keji ok! Saya nak gi tembok besar cina!

Looks like he's been busy browsing too, but he is more practical.. tader la mengaruk tetibe nak gi Beijing kan? If weather permits, we are going to that place this weekend.. he really knows how to shut my mouth from buat siaran ulangan, at least for a while.. Tak sabar nak weekend.. Yay~ *excited*

Friday, June 26

I nak pegi BEIJING!

Teaser jer over.. ahahha.. siapa yang tertipu? sila angkat tangan!

Miscommunication happens in our daily life, aite? As my spoken language is always Malay, so I said "I nak pegi Beijing". What I mean is "I want to go to Beijing" not "I'm going to Beijing".. After do a bit rethinking and retranslation back n forth.. I come out with a conclusion.. for both phrase "I want to go to Beijing' and "I'm going to Beijing", the translation to Malay is the same which is "I nak pegi Beijing".

If your spoken language is Bahasa Melayu pasar, I'm pretty sure u'll agree with me. Of course u can use proper Bahasa Melayu to differentiate it like "Saya ingin pergi ke Beijing" for "I want to go to Beijing" and "Saya akan pergi ke Beijing bulan Julai ini" for "I'm going to Beijing this coming July"... But I think it sounds a bit ridiculous & retarded for daily conversation.. Don't u think?

I'm not trying to say that proper Bahasa Melayu is crap.. it is ok to use it in your SPM essay but it is not suitable for daily conversation.. nope nope, let me rephrase.. we are so used to Bahasa Melayu pasar untill we found it so funny when somebody speaks in proper Bahasa Melayu. Hello & greetings to Eefei!! Eefei is a good friend of mine who speaks Bahasa Melayu proper...seriously, no kidding.

Save your mengumpat/anyam ketupat/discussing facts that I'm jealous bcoz my Malay writing sux. Fyi, I got A1 for Bahasa Malaysia in SPM. Yes nuq, akak amik SPM zaman kuno, masa SPM ada aggregate lagi.. I'm quite good with bombastic word in Malay and I heart Prosa Klasik. I'm going to reveal this & I'm not shy bout it.. I like reading Melayu klasik books! My favorite is Hikayat Malim Deman.. awas! bukan Malim Demam.. I'm pissed bcoz people always spell it as Demam..When he was born bumi bergegar & tapak tempat dia dilahirkan jatuh 7 hasta bawah tanah, kau ado? Nasib baik bukan 6 kaki bawah tanah :P

Hmmm.. initially I wanna blog about sumthing else.. bout Are-t and Beijing, her febeles picx at Tembok Besar China.. i've given a link to her blog post, just have a look at her picx at great wall of china, awesome kan? From there, ada link photo album at her facebook.. but nevermind, will blog bout it later..

Thursday, June 25

The Kevins

Initially I'm supposed to do sumthing else on Monday afternoon.. Since we can't proceed and DH already took half day off, might as well we catch a back2back movie. 2 thumbs up for both movies.. UP and The Proposal.. very entertaining :)

We arrived at the cinema around 2.45pm.. And the next available for The Proposal is at 3.50pm and UP at 3.40.. However, there is a special 3D digitally enhanced for UP at 2.50pm. Why bother wasting time, so we bought the tix at sligtly higher price. This is my first 3D movie, please bear the jakunness :P

Okayyy.. so 3D is a bit real, u feel like to touch & touch those binatang2..ahhaha.. if u didnt wear the special 3D glasses, the picx will be a bit blur.. So whether u like it or not, u have to wear it. I recommend this movie for family outing.. Sesuwai untuk kanak2 but if u are an adult u won't be hampa either coz it's funny and have love sentiment as well.

For the official UP movie trailer, please click here and pay attention at minutes 1:38 till 1:43.. U can see KEVIN!! Kevin is my fav character, the giant tropical bird. Kevin is a she by the way, ahahaha. This bird went gaga over a chocolate bar.. eheheh.. if u want to know more about Kevin, click here for the snippet from the movie. Oh, if u watch this movie later, pay extra attention to Kevin's expression... she's cute.

Dug (the dog), Kevin (the bird), Russel & Carl Frederickson

Then, at 4.50pm we watched The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock yang comel. Sweet n cute movie, not that vomiting romantic but still a lil bit of romantic towards the end. And Ryan's family has a pet dog named Kevin.. Wah~ another Kevin! I have no idea what breed is that but she is white & fluffy. She went gaga over Margaret (Sandra) and will bark if anybody said the word 'Margaret'.

Kevin the dog harrasing Margaret, that is Sandra's leg btw

For the official movie trailer, please click here. Ermmm, another thing.. since this movie is rated as PG-13, nudity content is included and u can have a good view of Ryan's butt and Sandra's butt.. @_@ --> mata buntang...kekekek... Not sure whether it is theirs or the double? But then, if it is rated as 18PL at Malaysia pun.. konfem scene itu akan dipotong :P

Wednesday, June 24

I'm a Domestic Goddess, NOT!

I am not a domestic goddess. In fact I'm a homemaker with a sleeping disorder *sob sob*. Sasa dearest, please dont ever call me domestic goddess. I am far from being domestic goddess.

HELP! I think I'm having sleeping disorder. No, not INSOMNIA.. I said sleeping disorder.. I can sleep! I can sleep but the timing is really off.. chihihi

Example.. On Monday, I sleep around 4am after serving DH his sahur - banyak woo DH kene ganti puasa, he had kidney stone surgery last ramadhan. Woke up around 11am - ok, so that's 7 hours of sleeping. Eat my lunch.. errr.. the food that DH ate for sahur is my lunch by the way... Went out, catch back2back movies.. Arrived home around 7pm.. ngok ngek ngeok ngek for a while.. cook for bukak puasa dish.. eat at 8.30pm.. then by 9pm.. I was sleepy, I cant even open my eyes.. So, I sleep with my makeup on, without brushing my teeth, without taking bath.

Oh kamonnn... how can I be super tired at 9pm when I woke up at 11am, doing mild activities such as watching movies and cooking??

Ok, let's continue... So I sleep at 9pm and woke up at 3am. That's it, can't sleep no more.. So I do laundry, chatting YM, read emails, cleaning the kitchen, throw the rubbish - gila arr, klua umah buang sampah kul 4 pagi...ahaha.. By 6am, the laundry is done so I hang & fold those clothes.. took a bath then cook breakfast for DH. Since he's still sleeping, I harrased him and guess what?? I started yawning?! Then, he woke up ready to go to work.. I'm fast asleep by 7.30am. By 9.30am I'm up again - so total 8 hours of sleeping.. Isn't it crazy?

This is just for Monday & Tuesday. Last weekend my sleep timing also way off from normal.. In fact I think I slept more than 10 hours a day for both days, Saturday & Sunday. Good thing about sleeping a lot is, I ate less.. ahahha... natural diet eh??

If I sleep a lot, my eyes are puffy due to terlebih tido.. There are also days that I can't sleep, example Last Thursday & Friday.. meaning boleh tido tapi terjaga banyak kali.. So, not enuff quality sleep I guess.. The effect is, I'm looking like Panda.. mata hitam macam kene tumbuk...

so how?

Monday, June 22

Happy Father's Day

Warning: Ini adalah entry basi.. Duk berkulat dalam draft since last Sunday. I dun care, I want to publish it no matter what coz I've written it.. Tader la panjang mana, tapi tetap ada usaha kan? Finally I manage to grab a picx of papa & abah in the external HD. I can't find the external HD before which resulted the delay.. hehehe

my papa & my abah

Wishing all fathers out there specially to my papa & my abah.. Happy Father's Day. When we’re young, we take for granted all the things our father does. I am so guilty of that. I wish I can turn the clock and be a better daughter. Thank you for your unconditional love and undying protective nature towards me.

Papa - you are my biggest hero.. I love u :)

Friday, June 19

Finally....It Arrived Today....

Title entry plagiarize from Sasa's blog.. too lazy to think *pose plagiarism*

I'm in good mood today... woke up around 11am (lambatnyer bangun :P) coz I heard someone knocking my door. I opened it at it's Fedex!! Then, around 4pm.. I check my mailbox - I saw parcel from Malaysia and Orange Card from USPS (United State Post Services) stating I have a registered parcel from UK! So, urs truly went to post office pick up the parcel & head to gym. Then, my trainer hand me a gift for my May achievement. I lost quite of percentage of bodyfat last month & lost a bit of my weight. Just a way to increase our motivation to workout harder I guess.

FEDEX guy delivered the skin care routine consist of cleanser, toner & SPF15 moisturizer.. My current moisturizer does not have SPF at all! I'm excited to try this new skincare. It is called Nourifusion, a product by Herbalife. A good friend of mine recommend this brand to me, it suits her skin well.. So that's why I'm trying it out. Moga2 santekkk kulit I pasnih :P

The parcel from Malaysia is from beloved Zal consist of her wedding invitation & a CD lucah... no, it is not CD lucah but I like to tease her jadi tokan CD lucah.. It's actually a softcopy of a book called 'Permata yang Hilang'. A friend of her gave it to her as hadiah kawen.. N I ask her, buku apa tuh? Coz I have no idea what the book is all about.. And she didnt explain much, she just said that she is sending it to me. I just have a glance of it.. *wink wink* basically it is ilmu rumah tangga

Parcel from UK..need I say more? It's my Burberry Nova Check Wallet of course!!! *suka suka* Love it so much! This particular design does not penetrate US market (well at least not available at US boutique for the past 8 months). I lay my eyes on this beauty at Pavilion, KL last September. Since then, I've been drooling for it. So when Sasa said she's going to London, I ask her to buy this for me... She obediently go to New Bond Street & grab me this beauty. Thanks a lot dear.. really appreciate it! *hugs* Now, I have to calculate how much I owe her :P

Last but not least, this simple gift just add spice to my already good day! It is bath gel with lavender scent + small face towel/cloth. What makes me over the top is I lurveeee lavender scent & purple is one of my favorite color... Awesome :)

Now, where's my new dress & top? Have to wait for UPS guy.. bila nak sampai nih? penat tunggu.. hnf~ hnf~

Thursday, June 18

Waiting Game

No, it's not a game at all.. I hate waiting for a parcel to arrive.. correction, not a parcel but 3 parcels. Most of the time, the excited feeling overpowering the anxious cum bored feelings of mine. It's not a surprise anyway coz I know the items inside all of it.

  1. My new skincare routine, using FEDEX courier.. according to tracking number, esok sampai la. I'm trying this new skincare actually, I have no issue with my current skincare.. in fact it did a good job moisturize my super dry desert like skin *pose kemarau*.. I missed my skin when I'm at KL, no issue, not that dry, acne once in a while during 'that' time of the month.. but now my skin is just dull, tak berseri katanya.. try je la..mana la tau cantik berseri pasnih.. I've tried tonnes of other brand, seme x jalan..menci! The 2 worst product for me are Origins & Clinique, my skin merekah mcm tanah kering kontang pakai this 2 brand, saket sangat.. I wore routine for a dry skin - so no bullshyt saying wrong skintype watsoeva, maybe just simply tak sesuai la.
  2. Dress & top during my online shopping, using UPS courier.. according to tracking number, currently the parcel is at Philadelphia.. Jauhnyer, dah la UPS nih tak letak estimated delivery.. Basically I have no idea when the parcel will arrive. Frankly speaking, I accidentally bought em.. That's the danger of online shopping, tekan2 jer dah terbeli.. If u never buy anything from the website then shouldn't be any problem.. but this is not my first time buying from that site.. I have account there so they stored my info (shipping add, email, phone number, debit/credit card) in their database... purely my mistake or lack of attention perhaps? Luckily I got the size correct, and baju2 yang berkenan.. ahahah.. I have a friend *hi eefei* yang penah terbeli digicam from CANON website.. tekan2 terus terbeli... Just pointing out that I'm not alone & things just happen ok? :P
  3. My Burberry Nova Check wallet *credit to Sasa & her kaklong* courier by Airsure way from London.. no tracking number, no PO number.. merasa x tau apa jadi kat parcel tuh.. just tunggu jer la (nama entry pun waiting game.. duh~).. tak sabar nak pakai wallet baru.. hehe.. I've been using my current wallet since early 2005.. beli guna duit gaji lepas grad.. dah 4 tahun lebih, lama tahan woo, berbaloi gila.. up till now, tiada koyak, tiada rabak, tiada lobang... just that the color from black/white, now dah jadi grey/khakis...blend jer pulak tuh.. ahaha.. u get what I mean? gila sezen dah, tapi masih boleh berbakti.

Erm, that's all.. Let's continue waiting leyyy *pose tunggu dengan sabar*

Wednesday, June 17

Mari berangan~

Pre-fall 2009 Collection - Chloé Paddington Padlock Satchel

I lurveeee the latest color of Chloé Paddy.. They have few other colors, but these two really caught my eye, specially the gray one. ^_^ I can't afford it now.. but I can drool over it for days, weeks, months, rite? There's nothing wrong bout it & I won't kacau anyone by daydreaming during my leisure time. After all I have all the time in the world. Maybe if I save up in few months time, I can buy it? *daydreaming mode*

The beauty come with a big price tag as well, USD1875! Woohoo... Now let's convert it to MYR.. (USD1875 + 8.25% tax) x 3.53 (today fx rate) = MYR7165.. apakah?? By the way, this cute paddy is still in my wishlist! The standard price for paddy is around USD1500.. coz this is the new collection, so that's why it is more expensive.

But then, if I have the money that I can easily spent on anything, I rather go for a vacay.. Bring my parents to Beijing, Forbidden City, Great wall of China.. ooooooh, I just got the idea after looking at Are-T's picx in FB.. mesmerizing scenery! *berangan lagi*

2007's collection - Paddy in croc's skin

Move on to Chloé Paddy Satchel in Croc's skin.. real croc's skin! The designers are soooo over with calf, deer, oink2, ostrich leather, whatsoeva, etc.. They are now slaughtering crocs to transform into a bag. Can you guess the price? I tell u what, when I know the price.. I almost fainted, seriously *pitam, sedar, pitam balik*

It is smacking USD12,880!!!! Wth?? In US, a brand new Toyota Yaris Sedan (Toyota Vios) is cheaper than this bloody handbag. Wanna try to convert it to MYR?? Around MYR49,217!! Merasa.. Boleh beli sebijik kereta buatan Malaysia yang sux!!

Tuesday, June 16

Early Anniverssary Pressie :D

Thank you sayang.. Love It Love It Love It!!!

I love it so much.. As you mentioned before, you were thinking bout buying me Tiffany's Keys Pendant + Chain.. but you didn't.. wiser choice coz frankly speaking I prefer the pressie you bought me rather than the Tiffany's. Coz the Tiffany's is sterling silver while the pressie is gold clasp + pearly pearly :)~

he thot of buying me this - Tiffany's keys necklace

instead he got me this - 18 inch pearl with gold clasp :)~

I got the anniversary pressie early actually.. There is a story behind it.. KANTOI big time.. We went shopping last Saturday.. as usual we split once arrived at the mall coz we have different interest and he is so not going to COACH again.. Few weeks back, he told me if I want a necklace for anny and show me a necklace with Citrine pendant picture online.. Of course I was excited... So during shopping when we unite.. below conversation took place

Me: Sayang~ tanak gi jewelery store ker, shopping necklace saya
DH: *buat bodo*
Me: Kata nak belikan saya necklace?
DH: Tanak ah!! *sambil wat muka protest*
Me: *muka sedeh* sambil bebel2

Little that I know, at that point of time.. DH already bought me the necklace and his ignorance towards me is not an act, just that he don't want to go to the jewelery shop AGAIN takut KANTOI dengan sales associate there.

So, we head back.. In the car, I have mixed feelings - obvious reason , DH ignore me when I ask him to go to jewelry shop.. Tiba2 dia emergency brake and guess what?? The jewelry box SLIDE OUT from under the car seat! Dah la jewelry box tuh ada stamp kedai - btw, ZALES tuh macam HABIB JEWEL kat Malaysia la.. When I saw it, I just laugh my ass out!! Baeeek punya kantoi, dah la sorok bawah seat kereta.. Just imagine my feelings that time, I feel like on top of the world coz b4 that sah sah la sedeh baru lepas kene ignore kan..

To sayang, u really surprised me... Altho not the right moment u've imagine but It's perfect moment! Plus extra brownie points bcoz I was feeling down & just with that my feelings flip to the other side.. Lovely~ I LOVE U SAYANG~

Monday, June 15

Happy Birthday to Papa!

I called Papa to wish him Happy Birthday on Sunday Morning, malaysian time.. it is still Saturday evening here actually.. But, I dun want 2 repeat the same mistake twice... On mothers day, I called Mama on Sunday evening so basically at Malaysia it's already Monday morning! Then, Mama said.. Mother's day semalam la! --> bukan lupa tau.. just dat time zone difference

Phone reminder also is unreliable coz I switched the timing according 2 US time zone of course.. The best solution for me, tell my other half maybe a week, or few days before macam radio rosak.. Automatically he will remind me macam radio rosak jugak bila sampai waktunya! Ouh I want to share my conversation with my dad.. ahahha.. nampak sangat aku degil~

*phone ringing*
Papa: Ouh, thank you.. thank you
Me: Ita nak nyanyi, tak kira
Papa: Ok ok, Papa dengar
Me: *singing - menyumbangkan suara yg sumbang*
Papa: hehehhe, eh tanak wish Papa father's day sekali ker?
Me: Aper plak, father's day ahad depan la
Papa: Hari ni la.. sama dengan birthday papa
Me: Takder takder, tanak wish father's day... father's day 21 hb la
Papa: Bukan second sunday in June ker
Me: Bukan bukan, 3rd Sunday.. next week Ita wish
Papa: Ha.. ye lah
*continue with other conversation*

Degil x? Ahahhaha.. Kalau anak yang solehah tuh, boleh jer wish kan? Tapi being me.. tetap tanak wish.. nasib baik Papa know me better.. Ada jugak perasaan ragu2 kan.. so I googled about the father's day celebration.. I quoted this sentence from - "Father's Day is celebrated in the US on Sunday, June 21. Other Countries celebrate throughout the year"

Hmmm.. I'm searching for Papa's picx actually.. but I realized that Papa nampak sangat garang & some even like angry. Not that I didnt notice bout it previously, but takkan semua gambar kot? The best I can get is him not smiling but smirk??

Hmm.. So, no picx this time.. Those picx will not do justice towards Papa's real personality.. Papa yang tak garang, suka buat lawak, over peramah.. Ouh, sumtimes he is so talkative towards salesgirl muda2 kat shopping complex kan.. Ada one time I overheard salesgirl tuh mengadu kat kawan dia.. "Tolong laaa, pakcik tuh dah tua pun GATAL lagi.. jalan pun dengan pompuan muda.. gf muda la tuh.. Eiiii GELI!!!"

I was so pissed off when I heard that maka dengan garang n berlagaknyer aku pegi dpn pompuan tuh, "Hello miss, dia bukan GATAL ok? He's just being friendly.. Takkan dia nak mengorat depan anak dia kot.. Kalau yer pun dia gatal, saya tak rasa dia nak mengorat perempuan selekeh macam awak nih!!" Note that I used word salesgirl instead of Sales Associate sbb mood tengah mengutuk nih :P

Yes, I can be very rude sumtimes.. but I have to stood up for him there n then.. Berdesing telinga ok dengar statement camtuh! I never told Papa bout this incident, but since then, whenever Papa over talkative with young salesgirl.. I will grab his hand & go sumwhere else or cut their conversation.. or make it clear that I'm his daughter not gf/mistress. The reason why, coz I don't have that much resemblance for people to notice that I'm his daughter!

Anyway, I love u so much PAPA! :)~

Saturday, June 13

Scary Garlic :-[

Look what I found in the kitchen while cooking... It is garlic in a garlic!! Each and every cloves of this particular garlic looking like picx below.. pelik woo~

scary looking garlic :-[

I didn't use the garlic for cooking at all.. I just threw it away coz it is quite scary. It reminds me of an image from my kiddies book when I was 5 years old bout one eyed green giant went AMOK in a village bcoz he's hungry of porridge or sumthing?? can't remember the reason why he's gone berzerk but I definitely remembered the image of the giant from the illustration.. hehehe

the illustration looks like this.. seriously :-[

Friday, June 12

New Addition 2 the Family

Hafiz Hakimi

10 June 2009 @ Hospital Pantai Bangsar.. officially I'm poorer by RM50 during every raya.. ahahah *oooppps* Alhamdulilah, my sis delivered a healthy 3.2kg babyboy.

Erm, just by looking picx that Ayong MMS to me.. My prediction, this boy adalah tinggi, putih kemerah-merahan (pink?), mulut cumilll jer.. Just like his abangngoh, Haziq. Abanglong dia, Harris is tall as well, but in terms of features a bit different and his skin tone is putih kekuning-kuningan (kuning langsat?). I attached together their picx for reference.

Harris (abanglong) & Haziq (abangngoh)

Haaa! Ni close up picx of Haziq (abangngoh)
same features as the newborn, rite? no? or all babies lookalike?

Thursday, June 11

Low Side Ponytail

- Jessica Simpson - Lauren Conrad - Hayden Panettiere -

I really loves this type of hairdo, simple yet chic & sleek. Doesn't matter if the hairdo's come with bangs, no bangs or side swept parting.. it still have glam effect and at the same time neat. No matter what type of hair u have, straight like Jessica's or wavy like Lauren's & even goldilocks like Hayden's, this style look good no matter how no matter what (well at least to me).

However, I never had a chance to style my hair like this. Reason being, by the time my hair reach mid-lenght.. I will start thinking cutting it short. The same thing happened again and again, and the reasons also are the same.. rimas, panas & dah boring, nak rambut pendek balik.

To pull off this look, definitely u need 2 have long hair to get the soft locks effect. If not, it will be a bit weird looking as if ur hair is 'kejung' & nampak keras. Currently, I'm thinking of cutting my hair (again~) but I really want to style this hairdo badly. So, the only way beside hair extension (wic is not an option) is I need to keep my hair long!!

Ohhhh, it is so hot here & becoming hotter.. Now, the temp is around 32C (90F) and around August it will become like 40C (105F).. Jeez, I wonder.. can I resist the temptation to cut my hair short? Let the challenge begin!! Hmmpph!

One thing for sure, I know DH will be happy to know that I'm not cutting my hair. Kalau rambut curL curL lagi la suka kan? Siap tolong pintal hujung2 rambut tuh.. I wonder why men prefer longer hair? Sexier kah?

Wednesday, June 10

I've been tagged

Entry ni dah beberapa hari duk dalam draft, baru hari nih nak completekan.. hehehe.. Saya adalah masih keliru kenapa dinamakan award instead of tag??


Tuan pemberi award cakap ada gambar, so gigih la mencarik gambar award apakah itu.. yer la kalau x macam tag biasa tapi pelik sbb cakap dpt award... Ahahaha, maka inilah gambarnya.. UBER setelah digoogle maksudnya adalah VERY/COOL

Nyatakan 5 fakta tentang pemberi award @ tag - Hantumakan
  1. Owned a spy agency called Dalia's Angel, in other word.. she have 3 beautiful adorable dotters
  2. Profession wise - full time mystery shopper, part time housewife.. or vice versa, ekekek.. agak jeles sebab sangat menarik yer keje as mystery shopper nih :)
  3. Owned a very der vast collection of pinggan mangkuksss..just name it, diningware, bakeware, cookware - all complete.. siliconeware pun ada!!
  4. Loves to cook - memasak dengan penuh kasih sayang, memang menggiurkan.. Ita balik raya, Ita nak makan choc volcanoes tuh.. boleh x tolong buat?
  5. Berasal dari Batu Pahat
Nyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.. 10 ke? Nak buat 5 jer lah..
  1. My favorite number is 5, I dunno y, cant explain.. I just like it
  2. I hate Japanese cuisine especially sushi but I lurve tempura - fried food adalah berkalori tinggi, please take note kepada diri sendiri
  3. Saya tak suka kemas katil... menciii.. malam nanti tido balik, sepah balik.. so what's the point?
  4. Saya suka main game, yahoo game, fb game, racing daytona.. ohhh! biasa orang lelaki lagi tere main game tembak2 kat arcade kan? Saya lagi terror main game tembak/perang dr DH.. Tapi dia lagi terror main game2 seperti fusbol & seangkatan - alarrrr game2 yang ada goal/score tuh
  5. Saya tak suka main game snake dalam handphone nokia.. x koser

Pilih 5 penerima award seterusnya --> asalnya patut 10 orang, tapi tak kira nak letak 5 jugak :P

  1. ZaL - kalau anda ada masa
  2. Sasa - kalau dah boring, x tahu nak buat apa
  3. Kimie - kalau tanak buat pun taper
  4. Izzu - kalau u bz rembak *hiks*, tak buat tag nih pun taper
  5. Ciksal - u ols update pasal mende lain pun i baca gak.. *hi abang perwira dungu tak tau guna cash deposit machine*

Tuesday, June 9

Soalnya siapa?

Ada issue berbangkit nih, different one I bet.. Hahaha, not a big issue tho..just suka-suka! The aftermath.. everyone says that the wedding is fah-buh-lous!! B&G looks gorrrrjes, bridesmaid & bestman looks sweet together.. ding ding ding.. that's the issue now.. bridesmaid & bestman.. Ada orang komen both of them secocok sama cantik sama padan gituhhh, tetibe ada pulak suara2 lain yang bagi statement "I suka lagi pairing masa Itak's wedding" -- pulak dahhhh!?

Note that this entry is just for fun.. after all bridesmaid & the bestman from both wedding tader apa2 pun.. its a norm la kan, orang kenen2kan the pengapits masa wedding unless the pengapits dah kawen.. kekekeke. Okay, so please have a look at both picx below & give your say.. Doesn't matter u know any of them personally or mmg tak kenal langsung.. Adalah rasa nak wat poll, tetapi tersangatlah malasssss! The question is now, bridesmaid prefer yang mana?

bridesmaid & bestman pairing during Jez's wedding

bestman & bridesmaid pairing during my wedding
btw, the kid is my nephew.. not theirs :P

Sunday, June 7

I want 2 b a bridesmaid

We have some sort of unofficial pact few years back. I don't have lotsa female girlfriends back in Uni years bcoz my guyfriends also act like a girlfriends, opppsss.. if u know what I mean.. hehehe.. oh tak paham ker? well let me put this way, I'm comfortable with girlie guy or at least they are comfortable with me.. doink~
  1. With LE**, If I'm still single by the age 35.. I will marry him.. He's one year younger so that makes him 34. Turn out he's more girlie than me.. Even wearing baju kurung to kenduri, my gosh and all those makcik2 can't tell that he is actually a man.. So I need to do backup.. New pack it is! (no 2)
  2. With KAT***G, If we're still single by the age of 35.. We will tie the knot. I am comfortable with him & vice versa. Anyway, I met DH and we tie the knot when I was 25 years old. So there goes our pack, status - invalid. Little that I know he's jealous & sad. I only knew bout his feeling when I blurt out that I'm jealous he's going to tie the knot this coming Oct & he finally share bout it to. Anyway, we are still good friends until now. :)
  3. This pack between urs truly, Sasa & Jes. We agree that Sasa will be my bridesmaid, I will be Jez's bridesmaid & Jes will be Sasa's bridesmaid. We only have each other sbb kitorang jer woman sejati.. the rest are girlie guy.. keh keh keh
This entry is a response entry for pact no 3. Erm.. how to write this? Well, I want 2 b a bridesmaid.. I want 2 be there and feel that I'm the most important person , errr after her hubby & family of coz. Bottom line, I'm jealous :(

As planned before, Sasa did a greatttt job as my bridesmaid 2 years back. I can't thank her enuff for that. Minus the panic she caused when her bridesmaid baju ada bintik2 hitam (which I cant see anyway), 2 days before my reception. Sampai kene buat conference call between urs truly-her-Irwan untuk tenangkan dia. Lawak tul!

Last year during bukak puasa gathering, Jes spilled out that she's getting married and she wants me to become her bridesmaid. I am so honored, but I have to tell her upfront that I'm going to Houston. I remain as Jez's bridesmaid untill last March when I said, I really can't make it to her wedding. So she appointed Sasa to fill the empty place. Dont worrie, Sasa tak kecik hati.. she knows about it all along and I even said that she definitely going 2 replace me before Jez's appointed her officially.

As I'm writing this entry, Sasa now is at Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda bertugas as Jez's bridesmaid. Thanks to the technology *hi blackberry*, I feel like I'm there too. Talking to the bride & bridesmaid.. well, talk to the bridesmaid only but I heard the bride's laughter tho (she's bz with the makeup btw), YM with them & she even posted few picx at FB. Thanks Sasa & am truly sorry Jez's - cant be there with you guys.

Jeeeeezzzz, nowadays punya technology.. Altho YM off, u can still reach the person 24/7. I'm quite surprised when I woke up *mamai* this morning, DH whispered to me saying... "Sayang, sasa is looking for you, she used BB messenger to reach u". I can't think that time, I just smiled. I miss u Sasa, no doubt about it.

Now, what will happened during Sasa's big day? It seems that Me n Jes dah start berebut & melobi nak jadi bridesmaid to Sasa. Not that she have the exact date yet, but the day will come. As per pack, it shud be Jez's turn but I wannabe be a bridesmaid also! Never got the chance 2 b one. Guess what, Sasa promised she will do 2 reception!! So tader gadoh2 berebut.. No worries, 3 of us are BFF.. gadoh pun manja2 jer.. I love both of u.. muahs muahs.

bridesmaid & bride - upload by bridesmaid for my speacial viewing
Sasa, Farris cakap "macam kenal je bridesmaid tuh"

Friday, June 5


Hari ini hari khamis
Hari ini saya puasa, bukan puasa sunat.. puasa ganti yerrr
Sungguh lama waktu kene puasa di bumi Amerika ni
Dari pukul 4.30 pagi sampai 8.30 mlm..
Nasi baik saya tak tinggal di Germany..
Kalau tak haruslah berpuasa dr pukul 2 pagi sampai 10 mlm..
Kalau musim sejuk time puasa pendek, tetapi sejuk la pulak..
Tenaga banyak habis untuk memanaskan badan.. hmmm

Lauk berbuka puasa sudah siap masak.
Kene masak awal awal..sebab
Bila dah dekat nak bukak puasa tenaga adalah sangat minimum

Saya lapar.
Eh, tak elok cakap kita lapar masa tengah puasa.
Maka, saya ingin mengatakan bahawa saya tidak kenyang.
Reverse saikologi ke ni?

Nak tido lah! Tapi makruh..
Waktu tido tak rasa lapar..
Apa kata tengok tv?
Menarik gak, tapi lepas 10 menet mata terlelap jugak..
Dari tido atas sofa, baik tido atas katil.. lagi best
So, saya nak tido!!


Thursday, June 4

Wedding Wishes to Jes & Hadi

Jes & Hadi, Congratulations on your wedding. Hopefully everything will go smoothly on the reception day this coming Sunday. Embrace your new role, share your thoughts together, be each other bestfriend & just be yourself, please do not pretend to be someone else (it wont work that way). The most important thing (at least to me) don't ever 'mengungkit' the past. Forgive & forget, make love not war.. seriously!! *wink wink*

To Hadi >> Remember to throw the trash on daily basis :P

Toast to the newlyweds, Jes & Hadi

I'm am truly sorry Farris & I can't make it to your solemnization, can't make it to your reception either. Anyway, Farris is so happy u spell his name correctly. Erm, that's bcoz my frens always spell his name as Fariz, Faris and the worse is 'Aritha & Partner'.

Wah!! My mood for today is so different compared to yesterday. Lovey dovey mood *kiss kiss* *hugs* *lovestruck*. My dear friend, just enjoy your new married life. As for me, I lurveeee being married. It is so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. I love u sayang~ :P

Wednesday, June 3

Pementasan Drama, Act 2

Content: Idea dicedok dari blog Izzu (Act 1). Namun begitu Act 1 & Act 2 tiada kaitan langsung. Nama watak telah ditukar untuk mengelakkan terjadinyer perang dunia ke-3. Jalan cerita adalah 95% benar tetapi diolah untuk mendapatkan drama yang lebih mantap. Baki 5% adalah bahan umpatan yg ditokok tambah untuk melindungi umpatan sebenar. Namun watak2 akan tau diri sendiri siapa selepas membaca. Sekiranya anda tidak terasa, maknanya itu bukan anda.

Disclaimer: Sila jangan teruskan bacaan sekiranya anda tidak mahu ion2 negative melekap pada fikiran anda. Drama juga mungkin menimbulkan banyak pertanyaan & kekeliruan serta mungkin anda tidak akan faham langsung. Conversation ini bukan berlaku bukan dalam masa sehari... Berhari2 malah berminggu2 menggunakan teknologi Telefon, Conference Call, YM, SMS, email serta face2face... Cuma telah diringkaskan oleh penulis skrip.

pementasan drama berupa wayang kulit

Hayo!! Smalam mak nangis sbb Thinkerbell tuh mengada2 sangat. Kecoh gila, dia tuh tak reti2 nak bersyukur ker? Sebuk nak lawan tunjuk konon life dia lagi bagus. Depress i ols
Tu ar, nangis beriya.. Ingat ada kematian, perlu ker nak nangis sbb mende kecik camtuh? Dah la, jangan chat dengan dia dah
Nak tulis entry2 berlagak dlm blog leh x? bg berapi lagi si Thinkerbell
Up 2 u... Besfren kau khennnn???
Banyak la incident2, start dengan B---, then M-----, pastuh T-- skang pasal B------- pulak *bleeppp...umpatan selama 10 menet * coach* cikki dia* LV* cikki i* henbeg*
Kalau tengah emo n meroyan, memang senang jer nak nangis.. Nangis jer sampai lega.. I ols rasa dia jeles kat u ols la nuq, nampak sangat dia nak jadikan u ols idola..
Masalahnyer... perlu ker jeles dengan mak yg pondan ni?? Kaedahnyer, her life is much better than mine.. So apa masalah dia?
Princess Norlita:
Gedik tau Thinkerbell nih, Pocahontas u sekeh je la kepala dia... Motiff sangat? Pas nih dia mengadu kat cikki dia suh carikan kawan pondan pulak.. tetap nak menang dgn u khennn?
Sleeping beauty:
special appearance *pose pose chantik*
Ada orang memang jenis camtuh.. Competitive x bertempat.. Bagus la, u ols pun dah ada 'besfren' baru.. I ols memang dah ada 'besfren' since beberapa bulan yang lepas..
Hahahaha... Rapunzel ke? Snow white, u ols tanak carik besfren baru ker?
Snow White:
U ols type je, nanti I baca *HI MAKANAN SEBESAR* *bz masak nasi goreng*
Lama betul Snow White masak nasi goreng... eh dia dah DC la.. ahahahah... Rapunzel tuh slalu nak compete dgn mak.. The latest masa H------- & K------ *bleppppp, umpatan selama 10 menet* cikki dia* melagho* LV* cikki i* melagho*
Uiks, x prasan lak... tp pk balik..yer la.. betul gak.. ada ayat2 berunsur cikdih sentap lite2.. pada mak, kalau ayat dia ending ada ikon :P or :D or :) or word heheheheh... she's ok, tapi i ols x sangka pulak dia sentap
Cinderella: Itu la pasal u ols... Mrasa Rapunzel kene fire dengan MinnieMouse.. terus Rapunzel gelak malu2
Alar, yang Rapunzel tu kecoh sangat pun knape? Dia jugak yg mendistance kan diri sebab ada kawan2 baru.. Selama ni pun dia bukan join korang sangat pun, tetibe nak sentap.. pegi la mengadu domba kat kawan2 baru tuh.
Aku rasa Thinkerbell tuh nosy gila... ciksan (bosan) aku.. sket2 tanya macam2... then tetibe cerita macam2.. adake aku tanya?? Tp aku rasa nosy lagi si Rapunzel.. Melk kadang2 rasa nak muntah tengok statement dia.. Nampak inesen gila padahalllll??
*pose tutup radio*
Wah siap tutup radio tuh...kemain lagi nak concentrate
Korang byk citer hot n gossip.. Geng kitorang punya gossip asek2 cite pasal :@)
Snow white:
*tetibe YM on balik*
Snow white:
Ouh speaking of wic, aku x rasa Rapunzel tuh inesen langsung, berlakon jer lebih.. HIPOKRIT!! *pose muntah darah tengok statement* Ko tau tadi dia *bleeppppp, umpatan selama 10 menet* cik betik* purse ferragamo* cik betik* tod's*
Haih, Sungguh x pk perasaan orang lain.. melk slalu kene speedo dengan Rapunzel. Redha kene speedo.. In denial kene speedo katanya.. *pose clueless*
Snow white:
Chihihihi ;))
Sleeping Beauty:
Special Appearance lagi *pose pose cantik sambil tutup tirai*

Tuesday, June 2

Half day @ Orchard

We had tonnes of fun at the King's Orchard until we realized that our strawberries have been stolen *motif curik?*. We (read: me only) was very upset bcoz the perampok stole our strawberries and replace it with their strawberries which are not as ripe as ours. I don't mind if he/she stole it but replacing it? Eiiii, pelis la!! I know you are not as genius as we are bcoz u din noe how to pick good strawberries but replacing it.. hmm, complete retarded. Obviously we dun want to pay for unripe strawberries, no?

My mood dah ke laut, but DH manage to pull me back to the surface by assuring me that there are plenty of good strawberries at the other side.. demn, he was right. Altho we have to redo the picking (read: extra time under hot sun) but we manage to pick more strawberries compared to before. To the perampok, orang busuk hati memang slalu rugi. By the way, we picked small to medium size strawberries because as per my reaserch earlier, the smaller one is more flavorful! Tak sesia I've done my lil research coz turn out.. all our strawberries are very sweeeett & best :)

Not a big fan of blackberry tho coz they have lotsa biji & not that sweet. It seems that the thorny variety is not as sweet as the thornless one. However, the thornless one need another 2 weeks to ripen. So we just picked for the sake of eating fresh blackberry (read: jakun) from thorny bushes. DH quote "blackberry is better in hand not for eating" referring to BB smartphones it is. :P

Our hasil tangkapan for the day are 2 pounds of blueberries, 1 pound of strawberries & 0.5 pound of blackberries!! Tak achieve KPI pekebun berjaya pun.. Hehehe.. Enjoy the picx, one thing for sure.. I did!!

Monday, June 1

I Love U~

Woottttt!! Woooooooooohoooo!

I'm officially in love with Fresh Blueberries... In fact, I'm eating it while writing this entry.. *sedapnyerrr**manisnyerrr**nyum nyum*

We are lucky actually, when we arrived at the orchard.. the personnel told us that their Blackberry have started to ripen. So basically we came at the right time.. End season of strawberry, peak season of blueberry & early season of blackberry.

It took around 2 hours to go there.. We planned to picnic / eat our breakkie at picnic area around the orchard.. However 1.5 hours down the road, we are hungry.. perut pun bunyik *kruk kruk* So we ask Mandy, our GPS to guide us to a recreational park nearby. She guide us to a park called Spring Creek Park. Very lushes green, clean comfortable picnic bench + bbq pit.. Lovely!! Lotsa pine trees & pine cones are everywhere on the ground.

urs truly, full & happy..background adalah pine tree + park

Told u so... greenery scenic, makan pun tenang jer... Anyway, u can only spot like 10-15 pine trees behind me rite? & the trees placing is random. Well, I didn't snap DH picx from my POV. It's early in the morning, what do u expect? My so called enjin tak panas lagi + I'm sooo not morning person. Since I dun have the picx, might as well I babble bout it. What a waste actually, his background is much nicer than mine. My background is the park but his adalah hutan! The pine tress are not random more like bersusun2 sampai jadi hutan yang terancang.. Cantik tau :)

our brekkie, simple jer.. mihun + ayam goreng + OJ/mineral water

Update on my father, just received the news that my father dah discharged from hospital.. Alhamdulilah, everything was Ok.. He's now at home & can share the bed with Posh again. Posh is our cat initially, but when we blurt out that we are going 2 houston.. Papa & Mama beriya nak amik Posh.. I'm glad that my parents love Posh dearly, tido pun sekali.. kemain lagi! hehe.. It seems that Posh always stay beside Papa during saket2, muntah2 & berak2. Errrr, that's another different story. Karangan luar topik dah ni.. Nak padam, penat type.. So i'll post different entry & picx around the orchard then. :P

Posh gemok! dia memang suka duk terkangkang camtuh