Tuesday, May 12

Wolverine vs Deadpool

Wolverine or Deadpool?

The main question for me is Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds? My answer will definitely be RYAN REYNOLDS!! I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine last Friday without knowing that Ryan Reynolds is one of the cast. But when I saw the list of casting earlier in the movie and Ryan's name is there, of coz I am extra happy. Double dose for me - I like Ryan, another thing I am a big fan of 'cerita mengarut', example X-men, Fantastic 4, Harry Potter.. u know what I mean? - those movie plot which will not happen in real world.

How can u resist a man, looking like this??

Oh kamonnn, just look at Ryan's picx above.. Self explanatory, he's handsome, he's macho yet cute, superb biceps & triceps *tangan kekar katanya* and I can't resist his puppy eyes *drool*. Well maybe u can't catch lotsa of his puppy eyes bcoz this is an action movie but u can catch lotsa of it in his new upcoming movie The Proposal besides Sandra Bullock *can't wait*. This movie will be premiere on June 19th. By the way, I like Sandra Bullock too :)

Deadpool now known as Weapon 11 (weapon xi)

He's not a villain initially, but the real villain Colonel William Stryker had a team to genetically altered Deadpool to become Weapon XI - and controlled his behavior. Stryker also requested the team to sew up Deadpool's mouth becoz he hates Deadpool's wisecracking *jahat siut, jahit mulut orang*. Altho Ryan's now is ugly but u still can see his puppy eyes - refer top right picx.. Hayo, tenung lama2 jadi takut, bleh tahan buruk. The plus points when he became a weapon xi are, he's topless and he wears only scrub lookalike pants in maroon color...akakaka

Overall, I like this movie.. I dun mind watching it again.. :)

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