Friday, May 8

Virgin Mojito

Alert : NO Rum or other alcoholic beverages involved while preparing this cocktail.. That's the main reason it is called 'Virgin' Mojito *wink wink*. This cocktail is halal lagi suci dan murni. Anyone interested to have this recipe, email me or leave a comment.

End Result of Virgin Mojito :)~

Actually, I was browsing internet while chatting & at the same time thinking what to cook for dinner, when Emmet menyerah diri... Ha ha, another mangsa to help me think... Luckily for me, he is the type who loves to cook. Well, I have to say.. I do find men who loves to cook is very very super duper sexy *drooling* - exception to chef wan, chef ismail.. Very manly yet attached to their sensitive/feminin side.. or maybe man who cooks just plainly lapar & malas klua?? hmmmm... I felt a lil bit 'vibe' thingy when I watched Bobby Flay or Michael Simon yang botak on Iron Chef America.. he he.. Even when I saw DH cooks Sunday breakfast for me, I was like "wow, sexy nyerrrr.. " altho he's cooking patty burger (daging burger ramly tu la) + scramble egg.. His scramble egg is much better compared to mine tau..

Iron Chef America (L2R) -Mario Batali, Michael Simon (cute~), Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora (love her!!) & Bobby Flay

Anyway, having Emmet helping me is a plus point.. At first we settled with chicken soup + cucumber + etc etc.. a very malaysian dish i have to say, when he also teach me to do virgin mojito.. After rethinking, the cocktail doesnt compliment the dish at all - pertembungan timur & barat katanya... So we agreed to do western entree as well. Voila~

Meal accompanying the cocktail - Grilled Tilapia


  1. nak, nak, virgin mojito recipe..

  2. ita.. nak juga virgin mojito recipe.

  3. ini dah jadi kes adik beradik nak mencuba mocktail.. hehehe, by the way ita, thx a mill, dah dpt the email.. muahs muahs..

  4. dah email 2 u dal... nanti nak try buat yang lain... kalau menarik bleh la post, x menarik buat senyap je :P

  5. hey
    i found out it's interesting since it's halal,
    could you send me a recipe of it?
    you can contact/email me thru
    thanks ;)