Tuesday, May 19

Veggie Lasagna

Went for groceries shopping and my main agenda is to find 'no cook pasta' that looks like papan plywood so that I can try cook my first ever lasagna. The best part - it is low in calorie. No lean meat involved, for the recipe please click here.

My first ever Veggie Lasagna :)

I let it be in oven 5 minutes longer than the original recipe, so a bit hangus but doesn't taste like hangus at all *huh!! nasib baik*. The recipe is for 12 servings but I cut the recipe half & make it for 6 servings. The portion is just nice for my 1.5 Quart Pyrex bakeware. Good news is - my Lasagna taste superb sampai licin both of us wallop everything. Bad news is for 2 people we ate 6 servings. So basically, there is no point cooking Low Calorie food if end up u eat bigger portion. Anyway it is much much much better compared to eating bigger portion of fatty food!!


Plywood - No Boiling Required katanya....

I think I saw at Pyrex/Corelle/Corningware shop, there is a smaller size bakeware.. maybe half of 1.5 Quart. Gonna check it out later, at least I can cook lesser hence eat lesser?? he he.. I owned 3 Quarts one so shudn't be any problem to cook 12 servings Lasagna *hi potluck party*.


  1. sayur apa ek isinya ita?.. hehe.. i love my vegie to be stir fried.. patut cuba gak camnih once in a while

  2. spinach & mushroom, alar mushroom to pun kene sauteed dulu sebelum masuk dlm bekas tuh

  3. Wah, tahniah la sebab dah berjaya try resepi ni,and it looks goooood. Agaknye sebab sedap sgt yang boleh habis 6 serving terus tu kan. Tapi kalau masak sendiri memang lagi puas hati kan, lebih2 lagi bila hubby puji sedap,:D

  4. hubby komen "sedap, next time buat letak daging ok" --> camne nak diet?
    eksaited kalau first time buat, bila 2nd / 3rd time dah x brapa eksaited :P