Monday, May 25

Quite an Interesting Day

At first, it is like normal days.. u know those not-so interesting / not-so boring day.. Woke up around 9.45am - cook breakkie - eat - take bath - then out for movie. Catch a 11am movie, Night at the Museum 2. Being me I always enjoy "cerita mengarut" aka not so heavy storylines, yet not that lite (as in no purpose kinda of movie).. Basically this movie makes me happy enuff said.

Then, the day started moving to interesting phase.. After finish watching Night at the Museum, bought Sprite at nearest vending machine then we sneaked in to other cinema for free movie. It is new movie called Dance Flick. Watched it like 40 minutes, then we decided to blah.. Hehehe.. bcoz this movie is stupid, u know what I mean? those Scary Movie type of movie - mocking other movies, mocking celebrities.. yes it is fun but for me it is more fun if I dont watch it at all. :P

So, out we go and sneaked in to another movie called Obsessed starring by Beyonce & Ali Larter. Up till now, I still don't understand why Ali Larter way too craaaazy bout Beyonce's hubby. Anyway, if she is not that crazy.. then the movie title will not be Obsessed rite? Overall ok, not crap neither good movie.. just a so-so. We are done sneaking around, went to restroom mother nature's calling.. hehehe.. Entered the restroom, I smell like sumthing burning.. There is a lady security inside there as well and another makcik errr...nenek actually

Security 2 me: Do u smell anything?
Me 2 security: Yup like sumthing is burning..
Nenek 2 both: Maybe somebody smoking inside here
Me 2 both: Nope, I think this is more like electrical burning or bulb
Security 2 both: Maybe it's the bulb

All 3 of us now checking each bulb at the ceiling *looking*

Security 2 both: Bulbs are ok, I'm gonna alert the other guys bout this
Me 2 both: I'm going to another ladies then..
Nenek: *continuing washing hands*

I'm out from there and went to other restroom. After finishing doing my small business there, we headed the main entrance...

DH 2 me: WooooH! lebatnyer hujan
Me to DH: Nemind, we'll get sumthing to munch sambil tunggu hujan reda (truth is I'm demn hungry, I dun eat much the brekkie that I cooked.. tak sedap okehhhh)

Hubby sat at the table coz there are so many people stranded inside the cinema due to the heavy rain while I'm queueing to order. Ordered Ice Cream for me & Onion Rings for DH. Just started eating when the alarm when berzerk. All still calm, just looking weirdly at the alarm & continue eating n lingering around, yes including us. Then we saw people all coming out from each n every cinema and heading out. So, we grabbed our food and heading out as well.

Problem, it is raining heavily + windy.. Dengan sedehnyer, terkena la tempias manja.. So we decided to go inside back...keji kan? But not only us, maybe half of us heading inside back...akakakak.. The cinema personnel pun taderlah halau pun kami2 nih semua.. Just they restrain us from entering the left & right wing. As long as we stay at the main center area, they wudn't mind.

Not long after that, the fire engine arrived!!! Few abang bomba beruniform masuk & do their job I guess. By then, hujan pun dah reda we headed back to our car.. Err, correction DH took an umbrella from the car and fetch me at the main entrance then we walked to the car together. Ain't he the sweetest? :D Boleh tahan jugak dia kebasahan to ensure that his beloved wifey tak basah. What I did in return? Hehehe, I protect his Onion Ring from air hujan!!! ahhahah... He can't drive to main entrance coz the fire engine blocking the way + jam la pulak kat situ. That's why he came back with an umbrella to fetch me. Wise decision I must say, at least we can use back road to get out from there rather than stuck in the jam.

From there we went to Hooters for our late lunch... Hoot Hoot!!! Sambil makan sambil cuci mata... I refuse 2 elaborate more.. Eating at hooters, of course there are plenty of boobs, cleavage, butt cheeks & legs!!! :P

yes, they wore this.. =P~


  1. hahaha.. interesting.. by the way, abang bomba kat sana (us) as hot as they potray dlm citer tv/movie us ke?.. hahaha.. and 'hooter'?.. seriously?.... hahahaha.. nuff said..:)

  2. abang bomba tuh bleh tahan hot least fit, x boroi, tader la sehensem mcm dlm crita "rescue me" tp konfem hotter dari abang bomba kat malaysia =P~