Friday, May 8

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery / Revamp status: done!!

It has been 2 days since I started messing with the layout of this blog L2R / R2L, changing background, changing font color and puting all those crap gadgets at the sidebar. End up, I still like my old layout and it's font color.. Being silly me, I forgot to save my old setting before messing with it.. Luckily I have lotsa spare time to do it all over again.. *yer, saya sangat free*

From my POV, my font color only match with green background so there I am choosing almost the similar look like before... but it is my blog,so up to me la kan? hehehe.. I've tried white background.. not liking it, bah~

Bout the side gadget.. ahahha.. banyak hokehhhh haku add! Gila kuasa tauuu... ticker letak, live traffic letak, visitor letak, follower letak, apa lagi? clock lagi, not forgotten chatbox.. archive, labels... & I change the normal bloglink into blogroll - bagi panjang sket... Reason being............

I DONT LIKE THE SIDEBAR 2 B EMPTY... Kalau panjang sampai bawah lagi bagus.. Altho most of the gadget bukan guna pun, hiasan jer.. contoh jam, another contoh site meter tuh.. I can get the same outcome thru nuffnang, tapi tetap nak letak jugak kan? Any other idea to be put at the sidebar, anyone?? Ouh, btw I dun like music at my blog altho I dun mind hearing music at other blogs.. Sumtimes just melangok kat blog seseorang just for the sake of hearing the song..ekekke

I'm done doing facelift 2 this blog I guess :)

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